Dog is mistaken for a lion every time his owner takes him for a walk; he weighs 85 kilos and is only 3 years old

Taking our puppies for a walk is a task that for some can be complicated due to the size and weight of the loins, of course, depending on the breed, but there is one that exceeds many and has even been confused with a lion every time its owner takes it out on the street.

Kenzo is a three year old Central Asian Shepherd who was adopted by Jamal Miah who took home the tenderloin after his friend decided to relocate the puppy when he grew too much

Although Kenzo is still considered a puppy, he already weighs 85 kilos and measures two meters tall when he stands on his hind legs, which certainly makes him a dog of great size and therefore it is a journey to take it out for a walk.

His owner told the Daily Star that when he goes out with Kenzo there are people who think he is a lion and get scared or prefer to avoid it, while others come up to them to pet the puppy.

Kenzo and his owner (Special).
Kenzo and his owner (Special).

Jamal, who lives in London with his family, also mentioned that initially his daughters were afraid of Kenzo, but over time they have gotten used to the large size of the tenderloin and that the pet is very protective of the little ones.

“Some people freak out and run across the street when they see it, and others just want to pet and pet it. People ask me, like, ‘What is this dog?’ Others say ‘what is that’? ‘A pony?’ At first, my daughters were afraid of him because of his size. But after a few walks, they got used to it. He knows that they are my daughters, so now he is their natural protector ”.

Kenzo’s owner pointed out that his pet eats two kilos of raw meat every day and that because of this he spends about 1,500 dollars a year, that is, approximately 27 thousand pesos.

Other expenses that man has made include placing huge iron gates in his house so that Kenzo does not go through the fence of his garden, as well as hiring a trainer so that the puppy obeys.

Jamal revealed that he thinks has spent around 13 thousand dollars, 235 thousand pesos, between food, maintenance and Kenzo’s training.

“A Central Asian Shepherd is not a dog for a beginner. They are dogs to be naturally outdoors. He wanted him to be a family friendly dog ​​and to break the stigma surrounding big dogs like him.”


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