WELL-BEING Horoscope by Mhoni Vidente: PREDICTIONS March 30, 2023

We end the month between Uranus and Venus, this means that there will be an opening moment for unexpected twists and turns. However, Mhoni Vidente advises paying attention to the field of well-being to achieve any goal set, below we share the horoscope of the day.


Time to remove the masks from the people you know have lied to youif this has not happened, then the time has come to reveal an important truth that you were trying to hide, do not waste more time waiting for the right moment, do it as soon as possible, it will be very liberating.


If you’ve had a fight with someone important lately, then Today is the time to fix that relationshipthey could realize that they have been arguing over something silly that should not dent their relationship, it will be a good time, no matter who apologizes first.


You have your eyes on the past and that is never goodimpedes your progress and limits the options you must take to have a good quality of life in the present, do not let this happen to you, you need to take actions that you can feel right now, do not travel so often to your memories They can teach you, but you shouldn’t stick to them.


Don’t hurt yourself reliving memories of a love that no longer existsGoing through old things, listening to old songs or going through photos of your life together, could bring sorrow to your heart on this day, choose to forget until you’re better.


You start to come out of your shell If you still live with your parents, the time has come to leave the nestso today you must find a way to do it in the shortest possible time.


Someone else tries to take control of your life and your decisionsif it is your parents, do not let this be so, you can always seek your destiny alone, if they do not approve what you have decided for yourself, do not allow them to tell you everything you must do and decide.

You have to start experimenting more in your life, you are letting many good opportunities go by for fear of falling, remember that you will always get back on your feet.


You have to give space for changes in life, we are not always the same person and we do not stay that way all the timethe same thing happens to the other people in your life, we are all always in a constant evolution and in a transformation at each time that we live.


You should cultivate more patience in your life, you are losing your temper very quickly and that is not good for you and above all things for your work. Don’t let the pressure affect you in your mental part, you have to manage your anger levels and also practice temperance in situations that may cost a little more effort to manage.


You start to set your eyes on higher goals to achieve, but that also implies that you will have to do more of your part to reach that top.

If you have wanted to take a trip for a long time, it is time to take the option now and take the safe steps that will lead you to realize the dream that you have been longing for for a long time.


A good time for Capricorn today, you are putting aside a shame that they had a short time agoso it is necessary to start celebrating your new state of mind, do not stop doing this today, call some friends and do something informal at home, you could have a great time with them.


An inner journey always brings benefitsbut also some costs, since within this journey you could have to face some ghosts that you thought forgotten, if you do it well you can always return with renewed energy and with great encouragement to move on, try techniques that help you achieve it on the day of Today, meditation is often not for everyone, but exercise and other activities are.


It’s time to take a trip back in time and remember the simplicity of childhoodnot with the intention of generating nostalgia or as a comparison with your current life, but as a reminder of the things that are really worth in this life, such as the ability to dream and to be surprised by what life gives you, it is something that is missing right now and you’ve noticed.

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