They reveal the first portrait of Carlos III as king before his coronation

It will be in June when King Carlos III is crowned and before this great event preparations are already being made, in addition to the fact that the first picture of Carlos III as monarch. The painting was produced by the artist Alastair Barford.

This painting was commissioned by the Illustrated London News medium and who undertook the task of carrying it out It was the artist Alastair Barford, who through Instagram showed what the painting he painted looks like.

The medium also in said social network showed the portrait and pointed out that the painting is one of the first to represent King Carlos III, who took office after his mother, Isabella II, died.

“We are proud to present the first portrait of His Majesty King Carlos III. Painted in oil by Alastair Barford, it is the first portrait published since the change of reign and one of the first commissioned.

The painting was made by the artist without the monarch being present to do it, however, on February 17 he went to Buckingham Palace to observe and study the king while he was in a public act.

Barford later used photographs and sketches to complete the portrait of King Carlos III.

“I wanted to capture her warmth and sensitivity, the empathy she displayed in her interactions with the people she met. It was important to capture the expression.”

In the portrait, the monarch wears a blue suit and on his left wrist he wears a dark-colored bracelet with a golden thread. This object was given to him by the indigenous leader of the Amazon, Domingo Peas at an event where the implementation of a framework was discussed global biodiversity to protect indigenous rights.

The artist wrote on his Instagram account the next:

“My portrait of King Charles presented today. This was commissioned by the illustrated London News who also commissioned my portrait of the Queen. He is shown wearing a suit instead of the state robes. I hope this is a portrait of the man behind the role and conveys some of the warmth and empathy that I witnessed when I was watching him in the palace.”


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