Yellow flowers: why are they given away on March 21?

During the last years, it has become a trend in social networks that heas women or people receive or ask to be given yellow flowers on March 21stjust as it can happen on September 21.

Through TikTok, it tends to become one of the video trends and some do not understand what is happening; however, this is all due to a popular song from yesteryear.

Why are yellow flowers given on March 21?

The whole trend is due to a theme that, precisely, has the name ‘yellow flowers‘, which is from Argentina and is the main theme of the youth telenovela called flowery.

This one revolves around a girl precisely named Florencethe nanny in the house of a family of last name Fritzenwaldein which the parents die and Federico, the older brother who was left in charge of the house, has a relationship with him.

Janthe theme of ‘Yellow flowers‘, she sings that her dream is that the boy she likes arrives with this detail. The meaning, specifically, is that the gift is given as a show of love between the couple and to fulfill the fantasy of girls, or, that he wants them to spend their lives together and not waste time anymore, like in the soap opera the characters.

Now, why was he chosen? March 21 as the date and why it is also made on September 21? This depends on where you are. It is considered the beginning of spring: in the northern hemisphere (where Mexico is from), it enters in March and in the southern hemisphere (where Argentina is), it enters in September. Therefore, both dates are considered.



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