Yellow flowers: what is their real meaning and when should they be given?

In recent years, giving yellow flowers on March 21 has become a popular practice following a TikTok trend. However, There are several reasons to give this type of flowersas it has different meanings.

The vast majority give yellow flowers making a reference to the lyrics of the song of flowery. However, its meaning goes a little further and is especially attributed to the color yellow.

‚ÄčWhat does a yellow flower mean?

yellow flowers are related to the arrival of springtherefore its meaning is linked to life, joy, wisdom and powerbeing a seasonal decoration used to illuminate spaces.

The color yellow has different meanings such as good vibes and feelings like optimism, warmth and creates a feeling of decreased anxiety. In addition to being symbol of loyalty and support.

On the other hand, although sunflowers are usually the most popular flowers to give as gifts, there are also several options such as roses, tulips, orchids, daisies and lilies. Next, we will tell you when other times it is appropriate to give this type of flower, in addition to March 21.

Netherlands.  A person walks through a tulip field in the community of Lisse.  (AP)
A person walks through a field of Tulips. (AP)

When are yellow flowers given?

Graduations and academic achievements: It is recommended to give yellow flowers in graduation ceremonies, degrees or any academic achievement, such as entering the university or institute, because the meaning of yellow flowers is also related to the beginning of new stages and wisdom.

career achievement: When a person has a promotion, enters a new job or reached a goal, yellow flowers are also often given.

Friendship: Yellow flowers are a perfect gift for people who want to strengthen a friendship or have an important bond, since the color is a symbol of warmth and support.

in complicated moments: Yellow flowers are usually a good detail for people who are going through a difficult time, such as overcoming a delicate state of health, a surgical operation or a period of sadness.


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