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the chefs Michael and Anna Olsonwho were in Mexico to share with young students their experience with the Niagara College (University that offers the opportunity to students to develop their studies in Canada); They agreed that Mexicans “have a lot of potential because they are willing to learn and contribute to the experience that this institution offers them.”

While Maria Fernanda ViramontesGlobal Business Development- North & Central America at Niagara college Canada, explained to MILLENNIUM: “Niagara College it is a public institution for them to come, get educated and learn about a subject that interests them and then they can work and eventually they can be permanent residents; Well, Canada has announced that it is going to receive up to 450,000 residents, but it doesn’t want just any type, it wants people to come and prepare at its institutions like Niagara College.”

And he added: “The Niagara region is a very friendly region, ideal for you to come to work, study, and even raise your family.”

This action takes place in a context in which “fewer people are born in Canada than die. And Canadians increasingly want to have fewer children, so we open the opportunity to people willing to educate themselves, to be qualified, and have the desire to have better opportunities and better salaries”, the executive specified.

He also explained that although there are many areas in which the institution is offering the opportunity to students; because in that nation “there is a rise in food services and tourism, priority is being given to that sector and For this reason, the Olson chefs came to Mexico to meet with some of those interested in the proposal and talk to them about what the opportunity consists of.“.

The chef once again takes the floor in the talk with MILLENNIUM to explain why they consider Mexican boys to be candidates to prepare for Niagara College.

“They are very open, they come to class eager to learn, participate and even contribute to what is being created in Canada by contributing their own processes.”

And to illustrate his words he gave an example: “In the first year we made a sauce with olive oil, herbs and chimuchurri, and a Mexican student complained to the teacher and said that it was not a green sauce, so she He contributes his knowledge and the exchange of information takes place. In such a way that not only Mexicans are going to learn, but that there is learning among all, it is a great cultural exchange“.

In addition, the chef highlights the convenience that the institution gives to offer his teaching in small groups.

“Our classes are small group classes, they don’t get lost in a community of a thousand students, they are 35 students and you don’t feel alone because you have support throughout the process, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have prior knowledge.”

And chef Anna, who has developed professionally in Canada, highlighted that the experience of niagara college “it is very pleasing” and that through their television programs “many children have been motivated to take advantage of the opportunity and seek development with better conditions”.


The school

  • Niagara College is one of the leading public institutions in Canada. Ranked #1 in Research and Development (R&D)
  • It is a key piece of training for work in the Toronto area recognized as the “golden horseshoe” for its boom in commerce, education, culture, technology and tourism.
  • On the Campus there is a staff of 4,000 foreigners of 96 nationalities.

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