WORK Horoscope by Mhoni Vidente: PREDICTIONS from April 11 to 14, 2023

This April 11, the Sun and Jupiter come together forming a day of renewal. This energy is from Aries, being the perfect time to create new stories, close cycles and start ventures.

For this reason, Mhoni Vidente shares the horoscope focused on work and economic issues and what the stars have in store for you the rest of the week.


You need help, and that’s not bad. You grow, expand and diversify, and this implies new obligations that you are not in a position to deliver alone. You need an assistant or a partner. Someone to whom you can delegate obligations and concrete actions. Today is a good day to start looking for it.


End the idea that people have of you. They see you as a person who avoids work and obligations. You know that’s a lie, but let the opposite be seen. you must dor more evident the work you do, day by day, every effort and every achievement, until you prove your worth as a professional with facts.


If you want a good job, you have to do it yourself. And this is especially valid for today, since haste and other needs can lead you to leave a very sensitive order in the hands of others. Forget it: you have to do it, because only you are capable of giving that extra that is needed.


When it comes to a job well done, it is not necessary to tell you that to obtain it you must do it yourself. There are certain obligations that you cannot delegate, because few in your team share your passion and your vision for work. Prevent mistakes from being made by taking the reins.


At some point it became necessary for you to have more than two jobs, but that moment has passed, and those two activities begin to get in each other’s way. Whoever has two patrons serves neither well. You have to decide on only one of your two tasks, and put all the passion into it.


Today is a day in which you must improve your marks. You have set productive objectives that for one reason or another you have not been able to achieve. It is time to go over the pretexts and get beyond your goals, and aim with it at a new level of work. Go ahead: you are your biggest rival.


You can stop worrying about today. All that was necessary for you to give and deliver has already been given. The machinery will work by itself, and you can be glad you did all you could. It is a day to contemplate the scope of your talent and your ideas. And to continue on that same path.


Work does not have to be suffering. Discipline and effort should not be an ordeal. Joy and passion are essential condiments of any successful project. Make your team a group of happy people.


You have to know how to find conciliation where there is talent. When there are valuable members in a team, it is important to overcome the differences so that the work flows, which is in the end what matters. Don’t let differences over current affairs create cracks in a perfect machine.


Do not hesitate to take the first step, because whoever lays the first stone of this venture will mark its future. Whether you sow, wash, cook… The gesture doesn’t matter. Today before everyone else participates, do your part. Your positive energy is going to make this project great for everyone.


Whenever something new comes to light there is a natural resistance. You should not feel hopeless and defeated by it. Over time and with insistence, the understanding of your new ideas will come, and you will be able to consider your goal of innovation fulfilled. Be patient.


The wildest dreams are possible. Do not hesitate. At least in economic terms, because you have the wood that is needed to carry out any productive initiative. So when today they come to you with an idea that seems unrealizable, do not panic, and analyze carefully.

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