Women. Sorority maintains gender strength

March 8, 2020 The women’s movement against violence against women and in search of gender equality experienced great strengthwhich was projected in one of the most crowded marches towards the Zócalo, as well as in various cities, and also in the recognition that many businessmen gave to such action by authorizing women not to go to work that day.

However, 10 days later the pandemic arrived and with it the confinement, which led to an increase in violence in many homeswhose effect was materialized in divorces, separations and even the death of some women.

The fight to defend the rights of women does not stop, on the contrary, it increases, especially because women have adopted and currently exercise sorority, which today reveals a reality of accompaniment, support and endorsement of one another; either through consultancies, campaigns, simple and spontaneous events, in which economic, mental, social and health well-being is the objective.

Women.  Sorority maintains gender strength
Women. Sorority maintains gender strength

Karina Cavazos: “Power is making others shine”

Makeup artist Karina Cavazos is excited to share that she is about to set up her headquarters in the country’s capital to publicize her makeup brand KCM; the greatest emotion is evident on her face when she talks about the result she has achieved by supporting the Mexico City government’s Reinsertion program.

She decided to give a make-up course to former inmates so that they could learn the trade and with that they could start their own business, because unfortunately the reality after an experience in prison is strong and almost zero when it comes to going out to look for a job.

“It is not the power to shine, but to make others shine; And in this case, making them shine helps them a lot in their self-esteem and empowerment, apart from giving them the opportunity to support themselves. I am happy to see this first generation graduate, ”said the makeup artist after giving recognition to her students.

interviewed by MILLENNIUM At the Los Pinos Cultural Complex, Karina highlights: “I didn’t give them the lesson, but they gave me, through the enthusiasm they put into the course, the desire they have to get ahead by taking advantage of this opportunity” .

Once with the acquired knowledge, the new makeup artists will provide home service or at the facilities of the CdMx government Reintegration Institute or at the headquarters that KCM will have.

“And the idea is to continue supporting more women, so we are already preparing for new generations,” said the makeup artist.

Ana Paula Simon: “We celebrate the good things that being a woman gives us”

Ana Paula Simón has been organizing the What a Woman event for six years, which brings together thousands of women who, through conferences, workshops, talks or simply casual encounters, exchange comments, thoughts or needs and gain information on finances, social issues, health, nutrition and general well-being.

“Since we started we have placed a lot of emphasis on making a lot of noise on International Women’s Day, for us it is very important to celebrate it, that is the objective of the What a Woman platform. This March 4 and 5, like every year, we have our great event, but throughout the year the platform is maintained with a lot of content that can be useful in any area. We believe that a woman is a world and we cannot classify her, saying, you are only this or you are this. No, women are multifaceted and that is what we managed to celebrate with the event”.

Contrary to what happens in other actions or forums, the young mother of four little ones “a three-year-old boy and some 10-month-old triplets” specifies MILLENNIUM that although problems such as “family violence and infertility are very important issues and are addressed in other women’s meetings; we wanted to focus on what we can do, and all the good things that being a woman gives us”.

With “What a Woman we are doing our bit to make a difference for the women of our country; Since we started with the platform until now, the perspective towards women has changed, we have made progress in some things, although it is true that we still need a lot of work in others, but having movement and platforms like this help, because in the end what we do is working for the same goal, which is development and empowerment, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing success stories, meeting a woman who, thanks to your work, changed her life”.

Sorority maintains gender strength |  Special
Sorority maintains gender strength | Special

Pauline Gotto: “Using my voice for things and causes in favor of women has been very satisfying”

The Bonafont race that takes place tomorrow Sunday in Paseo de la Reforma has brought together the sensibilities of Paulina Gotto and the designers Irish Martínez, Fer-Oms and Yeti Iglesias. The actress, in addition to being the image of the race, will also be one of the 30,000 women who will participate in the event that was born dedicated to celebrating women, and that for a few years, especially since the UN has joined, has also provides relevant information on the problems faced by gender. While the plastic artists have joined the action by creating the design of the shirt that the participants will wear.

Paulina assures that her interest in joining actions that empower women is not new: “I have always liked telling stories and I think that with music, specifically, it happened naturally.” And she explains that as an actress she has also had the opportunity to address the problems they suffer. “It was with a character in the melodrama Overcome fear, in which I even performed the song ‘Rompe’, which allowed me to share what I feel, using my voice for things and causes in favor of women has been a great satisfaction, so this collaboration with Bonafont and UN Women makes perfect sense to my concern”.

While the designers, who managed to match their ideas for the creation of their work, agree on the importance of creating a community and for this reason they are grateful that their work is replicated on the chest of so many women next Sunday; In addition, Irsich, Fer and Yeti specify that “the relevance of this experience lies in the stories behind each of the women who will participate in the Bonafont race, with whom we will share a little bit of how we see the world of equality, through of our design: it will be very exciting to see a part of us in them and make it their own”.

Jasive Fernandez: “It is the opportunity to work for a common good”

After achieving recognition for her brand, Jasive Fernández, the Sinaloan designer has set out to project new talents in the fashion industry. For which he created the MM Moda México platform, which already had its premiere at New York Fashion Week, where he shared the catwalk with Quadra (Dani Arrieta), Elesheva & Constance (Bárbara López) and Illi (Iliana Lorey) in a complete sorority exercise.

“The fact of representing Mexico in the most important fashion week in the world united us, in the next edition we would love to bring three more groups to form the day of Mexico here at Fashion Week in New York,” said the also Director of MM Mexico Moda.

He also commented to MILLENNIUM that the idea of ​​undertaking with a platform like the one he directs is because “I understood that although I am working for very particular and personal objectives with my brand, this was the great opportunity to work for a common purpose for the industry and to show that Mexico it has also evolved, but above all to support those like me, at the time, need the opportunity to show their proposals, because you always have to be supportive”.

Ingrid Espinosa: “Shame and fear prevents reporting”

Gender violence and breast cancer are two issues that occupy Avon’s area of ​​social responsibility. “Within our two causes, a promise is focused on ending violence against women, we always seek to bring information, provide training and provide a solution, through various actions and investigations. Our most recent survey refers to the reasons why a woman who has been raped is not going to report it and we have concluded that it is out of fear and shame”, explains the Avon Corporate Social Responsibility Coordinator.

According to the numbers reported, “43 percent of women feel ashamed and afraid of the consequences that may be generated if they report.”

Another relevant fact in the investigation is that “in most cases, four out of 10 women have the perception that they are not going to be believed and that is why they prefer not to file a complaint.”

Even, he points out, “many times the little preparation of the Public Prosecutors makes the victims give up their intention”; Hence, Avon is already working with the different areas and institutions to find out the reasons why the people who should provide help are not trained to do so, and even how they could be advised to be people or officials who help solve the problem of women who suffer violence”.

Ingrid points out that these actions are derived “from Avon’s commitment for more than 135 years to help achieve the integral well-being of women, which, although it includes the business part, is also in charge of promoting economic empowerment, that in many cases due to problems such as breast cancer or gender violence, prevent women from reaching their fullness”.


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