With École Gustave, Marie Blaise is revitalizing the building trades


Marie Blaise, founder and director of the Ecole Gustave. Gustave School / Press Photo

In this new kind of establishment, people in retraining are trained to join a sector in need of manpower. Finalist of the Business with Attitude prize, its founder competes in the Culture and Knowledge category.

At 29, Marie Blaise has already had several lives, in France, Australia, Berlin or Lagos (Nigeria), as business development manager, financial analyst or COO in various sectors – Christian Louboutin, EdTech, HealthTech… Today entrepreneur, founder of the Ecole Gustave, she is a finalist for the Business with Attitude Madame Figaro prize in the Culture and Knowledge category.

In video, dive into the making of the Business with Attitude prize

Free training, without diploma requirements

In 2021, this child of a construction family founded the Gustave School, in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis). Intended for people in retraining, it provides free work-study training in three construction trades, where 200,000 job offers are to be filled: plumber, heating engineer, electrician and waterproofer. Gustave recruits on personality, without requiring a diploma, and has already trained 250 students. Marie Blaise aims to double that in 2023 thanks to the opening of three new campuses, in Lille, Lyon and Marseille.


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