Why is the color green used on Saint Patrick’s Day?


Every March 17 people around the world celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, the patron saint of Ireland. This celebration began to commemorate the death of the holy than through a 3-leaf clover evangelized all the residents.

Currently people celebrate the day through different activities, one of these is with allegorical parades, living with their families accompanied by food, drinks and also with different outfits, always including the color green.

Why is the color green used on Saint Patrick’s Day?

First we have to go back to the 17th century in Ireland when the religious tradition began to commemorate the saint who, according to legend, was responsible for bringing Christianity to the European country.

One of the reasons why the color green is used is in allusion to the clothing worn by Saint Patrick, or at least that was thought until the magazine of the museum smithsonian
He assured that it is a wrong version, since the tone used by the saint was a light blue.

Although the color of the clothing has been corrected, people continue to use the color, since the saint preached with the leaves of the three-leaf clovers, alluding to the Trinity, explaining the relationship between the father, the son and the holy spirit. Being so that people also use shamrocks in their clothing in the day.

Another reason why the color green is used is because of the nickname it had in Ireland, the emerald isleIn fact, their flag also contains the color green, which plays an important role within the custom.

Another fun reason to wear color is that According to folklore, if you don’t wear green for St. Patrick’s Day, you can get pinched by goblins, as the color green makes you ‘invisible’ to them, creatures that like to pinch.

The celebration was popularized in the United States by immigrants from the European country, it is not known exactly how the green color became the official dress, but every year people use it to remember the saint and also to have good luck. of the leprechaun who lives on the other side of the rainbow.



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