Why are roses and books given away in April? we tell you the reason


After the tradition of giving yellow flowers as part of the beginning of spring, the ‘flower marathon’Well, in April there is a date on which not only roses are given away, but also books.

Do you want to have a nice detail this April? Here we tell you what you should know about this day and where the tradition comes from which is already being talked about on social media.

The reason why roses and books are given away in April

April 23 is the calendar date on which some people are accustomed to giving roses and books. This comes from Catalonia, Spain, and from the conjecture of two different ephemeris: el International Book Day and the celebration of the Catalan anniversary of Sant Jordi.

Book’s day

According to UNESCO since 1995, April 23 is International Book Day and Copyright, a date that aims to promote reading, which “it can help us combat isolation, strengthen ties between people and broaden our horizons, while stimulating our minds and creativity“, and that of the children.

Saint George’s Day

The portal of the Barcelona city council states that April 23 is the “the day the gentleman Jordi died. The saint, who was under the orders of Emperor Diocletian, refused to follow the order to persecute Christians, for which he was martyred and beheaded. Very soon they began to venerate him as a martyr and fantastic stories linked to his figure immediately appeared.“.

Faced with this event, in Catalonia the Valentine’s Day is celebrated on April 23, and from here comes the demonstrations of affection. Combined with the date of International Book Day, it was adopted to also give away a good read.



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