Where to eat in Tampico this Lent if you are vegan?


In recent years, restaurants have had to adapt to the needs of diners, who, whether for health or pleasure, do not consume meat or any product of animal origin, thus the vegetarianismveganism and others, but this does not mean that they only eat fruits and vegetables, since they have integrated a large number of ingredients to make wonderful recipes.

If you or someone in your family or simply also like this type of food, here are some options for vegan or vegetarian restaurants that are in tampico.

Vegan dish (Photo: Adriana Jiménez Rivera).
Vegan dish (Photo: Adriana Jiménez Rivera).

Difference Between Vegan and Vegetarian

The vegetarian does not eat any type of meat, be it pork, chicken, fish, cow or lamb, which they replace with fruits and vegetables, cereals, tofu, soybeans, among others.

Vegans also do not consume any type of meat or eggs, dairy or honey. Veganism not only stays in food, they also give up dressing or buying leather, wool, fur, silk and down products. In other words, they do not consume or use products that come from an animal.

Where to eat in Tampico if you are vegan?

El Vegache, a vegan and vegetarian restaurant located at Avenida Álvaro Obregón 212, in Colonia Primero de Mayo, Madero, Tamaulipas, 89450, Ciudad Madero, Mexico. There you can find everything from tortas de la barda with everything and chicharrón sauce, KFC-style mushrooms accompanied by French fries, hamburgers, hot dogs, tacos, tortas and gringas de pastor and even desserts like red velvet.

Naturaleza Internacional is another restaurant in Tampico, it is located at Calle Altamira 603, very close to the downtown area of ​​the city. There they offer regular food that includes a plate of lentils, vegetable cream, carrot soup, stews such as meat with mole, baked stuffed potatoes, nopales in ranch sauce, among others, accompanied by garnishes such as rice, pasta or salads.

Villa Ciruela, is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant. On their menu they offer minced soy, mole, potato with chorizo, pork rinds, soups, migadas, molletes, chilaquiles, lentil, bean or oat burgers, hot dogs with chickpea-based sausage, chipotle oatmeal tacos, or soybean shepherd, among other dishes. It is located in Plaza del Parque on Calle 10, 308 Local 2, in the Unidad Nacional neighborhood in Ciudad Madero.

Nativa is located at Loma de Oro 101, Lomas de Rosales neighborhood, Tampico. It is a place where you will find healthy food and some of its dishes and desserts are vegan.

Green Cabana, is another restaurant where they offer healthy food; It is located at 402 Poza Rica street corner with Nanchital in the Petrolera neighborhood in Tampico. Some of their dishes are also vegetarian.



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