What is the Golden Orb, the operation that launches the coronation of Carlos III?

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, preparations for the coronation of Carlos III have been launchedthe first son of the legendary monarch to inherit the throne, being the first coronation ceremony to be held in over 60 years.

Unlike the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, the Carlos III ceremony is planned to have a greater representation of social groups, religious beliefs and be of shorter duration.

Carlos III will be the oldest monarch to be crowned compared to her mother Elizabeth II who was only 27 years old when she became queen of several countries such as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

‚ÄčWhat is the Golden Orb operation?

The Golden Orb protocol is a plan that has more than 10 years of preparationbeing created by a committee made up of elements of the British aristocracy that meets in secret to choose every detail of the ceremony for the heir to the throne and his wife.

In accordance with Daily Mail, the committee functions without interference from Buckingham Palace or Clarence House. One of the members of the committee is the Duke of Norfolk, who has been in charge of other operations such as London Bridge, according to the outlet.

The name of the operative golden orb does reference to the Golden Orb, a symbol of power for the King of England. In addition, the orb belongs to the crown jewels and is used in the coronation ceremony together with the center, the ring and the imperial sword.

King Carlos III |  instagram
King Carlos III | instagram

What will the coronation of Carlos III be like?

According to reports, Carlos III and Camila will be crowned side by side around 2 thousand guestshighlighting the diversity approach of the different types of people who live in the country, a modern vision to differentiate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

On the other hand,It is estimated that the coronation of Carlos III is cheaper a decision on the part of the monarch who does not want the money of the people to be used in too many luxuries and excesses. The coronation will be a sacred ritual where the new sovereign is anointed and takes an oath before his country.

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