WEEKEND Horoscope by Mhoni Vidente: PREDICTIONS from March 24 to 26, 2023


Know the predictions for the last weekend of march and take advantage of these days of rest to renew your energy, accompanied by the advice and predictions of Mhoni Vidente:


A somewhat chaotic weekend work related. Having had a lot to do and little to organize, they now have a weekend to organize from scratch. However, the effort applied at work will be a tool that will help in personal life.


Taurus natives will be in a rather bad mood this weekend and it is that they have to do tasks that they will not like at all. What these natives should keep in mind is that, if they are well organized, they can have time to do everything they want.


nothing better than a adventure weekend with friends. This is what Geminis who are single will want this weekend and it is that the same old plans are something they have already tired of.


A new weekend in which they will not know how to take advantage of it properly and is that Cancerians are in a moment of little stability and lack of confidence in themselves.


The Leoswill have their domineering character emphasized these days, which can cause the people who live with them to feel pressured about what needs to be done at home. In any case, Leos know very well that they are asking for something fair, so they should not give in at any time.


A weekend that seems to be made especially for the enjoyment of Virgos and that is that there will be nothing that can bother them or go wrong this weekend. Virgo natives who want to spend time with family will be very happy.


The Libra they will feel that all the weight of the friends or the relationship falls on them and this is something that they are not going to like at all, they are people who have problems when it comes to helping or mediating in situations, feeling responsibilities that are not their turn usually makes them very angry.


The Scorpios are not going to have a weekend when it comes to free time or leisure and it is that they have so many things accumulated to do that they will not have more time than to finish them.


There is nothing that will bother the Sagittarius this weekend and it is that everything that they consider, life will make it come to them. This is a most fun weekend for Sagittarius in which they should look for different activities and that bring them new experiences in life as they like.


Capricorns are on a roll especially when it comes to love. There is nothing you could wish for that you don’t already have and this is a great accomplishment in your lives.

Unlike other signs, Capricorns are lucky to have a person in their lives who supports them in everything they do and, therefore, a person they should not let go of.


The lack of disorganization is what has brought the most problems to Aquarius this week and that is that the results at work have not been the best.

In fact, the Aquarius they may be thinking about losing their job, but this is something they can still work out. To do this, and even if they don’t like it, they will have to sacrifice time from their weekend.


The Pisces will have a weekend in which they are going to feel a little low in morale and things are not going to go as well as they would like. The main reason for concern for Pisces is none other than work and family and that is that when they do not feel stable, they begin to panic.



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