WEEKEND Horoscope by Mhoni Vidente: PREDICTIONS from March 10 to 12, 2023


This weekend of March 10-12, 2023, they will be days of transition, therefore, take the opportunity to rest, renew energy and digest the news to make better decisions. Next, Mhoni Vidente shares the horoscope and predictions:


You are going to have a weekend of those that it is better to forget and it is that things will not go as well as you wantedTherefore, Mhoni Vidente recommends staying at home and resting to have a good time.

The Aries who have a partner will see how there are some complications in their lives, but it will not be anything that cannot be solved either.

Those who are single, however, may start a relationship with someone who has no interest in them. That is why it is better that you do not look for or start anything on this day.


It is very possible that Taurus people feel a bit depressed and do not want to do anything and it is that the last weeks at work may have been the most intense for some of them. Those who have been in this situation should do what they can to rest, as going out will not help them recover either.

Those who have a partner will be very lucky to have a person by their side who understands them and they will not be alone at any time. This is something they should thank their partners for. We can say that from now on they should start thinking about something different to do with them when they feel better.


The natives of Gemini are going to be able to enjoy a most complete weekend and with everything they are looking for at their side. We must tell them that this is a weekend in which they will be able to do whatever they want and in which they will have the people they love the most by their side.

The best thing about these days for those who are single is to have a good time with this person of the family with whom they get along so well. Those who have a partner will be able to go out with her and do whatever they want, because they will see that the weekend will be one of the most pleasant for them.


Lucky weekend and things are going to be much better than they could have imagined. However, it is recommended not to leave obligations aside. Those who are single will not have many opportunities to find a partner, because the people they are going to meet will not be to their liking, but they will have a great time with friends.


It will be a weekend to take advantage of living with the family and raise your spirits. Mhoni Vidente recommends not staying at home and going for a walk or being with loved ones.


Virgo weekend It can be very complicated on the subject of well-being. Those who have a partner, especially Aries and Gemini, will be much better off. Those who are single should find a way to get out of the house and be with friends.


The natives of Libra are going to feel quite disappointed this weekend, especially those who had believed in friends and wanted to spend a varied and very fun weekend. In fact, you will see that the plans are going to fizzle out as quickly as they were created.

Still, Libras shouldn’t feel bad about it, as they have plenty of things they can do for fun. Those who are in a relationship will not have this problem, but they are recommended to look for new plans. For example, going to dinner and the movies, or going to an amusement park can be very good options.


The Scorpios are going to have a good weekend, because they will see that they are going to have all the time they need to be able to enjoy life and family. Those who are single will have more fun with friends than they have on other days off.


Nothing better than a weekend alone with the couple. Those who are single will be able to make plans that do not involve spending a lot of money. The stars recommend taking advantage of the next few days to rest.


This weekend, people who are ruled by the sign of Capricorn will have days of relaxation. The stars indicate that they will be days of transition, therefore, it is recommended to plan a pleasant moment with family, partner or friends.


Aquarius natives are people who like sincerity, but have a hard time being honest. This is something that does not go well in life, because if we want others to be honest with us, we must do something for them. It is a weekend of which it is better to be at home.


If there is a good day in the week for the natives of Pisces, it is this Sunday.. Therefore, Mhoni Vidente recommends planning social activities in advance to spend time with your partner and family.


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