WEEKEND Horoscope by Mhoni Vidente: PREDICTIONS from March 03 to 05, 2023


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During this weekend, the energy will be defined by the position of Mercury in Pisces and the Moon in Leo, this means that they will be days to have fun, be creative and enjoy life. Next, Mhoni Vidente shares the horoscope for the weekend for each zodiac sign:


You will have a stroke of luck with the numbers 05 and 66. Friday and Sunday will be your best days. The weekend will help you rearrange your feelings and leave behind that love that was not for you and begin to meet more compatible people in your life. It’s also time to clean and renew energy.


Weekend to do paperwork. You will have a stroke of luck this Saturday with the numbers 00 and 21. A new love will come to you these days and it will be of the water sign; it will be very compatible with you.


It will be three days of many surprises From your family, your magic numbers are going to be 23 and 40, Friday will be your best day, take advantage of it to close deals or free yourself from pending.


Weekend of being with a lot of good energy by your side, that will give you the strength you want so much to be at your best, you will have a stroke of luck on Sunday with the numbers 07 and 66. Take advantage of these days to resolve a conflict With your partner, trust and honesty are the foundations of a healthy relationship.


Weekend of various meetings with your friends, it is important not to indulge in excesses to take care of your health. You will have a stroke of luck on Saturday with the numbers 08 and 51, so take the opportunity to rest and relax.


During this weekend you will be able to close some pending issues related to work, this will help you start a new cycle and new projects. The stars recommend enjoying the process and asking for advice to the people who trust them the most.


Social weekend, you are invited to various events, so take the opportunity to meet new people who contribute to your life. A love from the past who is committed is looking for you, but try to close that chapter and start meeting free people who are more compatible with you.

In your work, show your best performance to have more opportunities to acquire a better position.


In the next three days, the stars indicate that you will have greater fortune, take the opportunity to obtain better business proposals. Sunday will be your best dayso it will be time to change your image and close cycles.


Weekend to be with a lot of good news about your work, holidays with your friends, you settle a legal issue from the past that will be successful for you, a new love of the sign of fire is looking for you that will be very compatible with you, your lucky number will be 39 and 4 , Sunday will be your best day.


You will have a stroke of luck on Friday with the numbers 03 and 27. This weekend you can relax and reflect about managing your emotions, looking for a love from the past to return to, try to close that circle and start over with someone more compatible.


This weekend will be one of the most important of the month, because you will end up with earrings that have taken away your sleep. It is time to rest, take advantage of the arrival of good fortune and look for other horizons. On the other hand, Mhoni Vidente advises being more introspective and taking advantage of your strengths.


Weekend to celebrate with your friends, you receive a gift that you did not expect that will give you great joy. Your lucky numbers are 25, 40, Sunday will be your best day, take the opportunity to plan a trip with your partner for the next month.



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