We want them all! These are the Barbie dolls inspired by Mexican women

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We want them all! This March 9 marks the first presentation of the dolls.as Barbie to the publicand as we all know, they are favorite toys for both boys and adults and there are even those who are willing to pay large amounts for some special editions.

You should know that Barbie has had different collections in which they award the country and its culture with different typical costumes, so we will tell you which ones have gone on sale so far.

The doll was released on a day like today but from the year 1959 and is one of the most expensive copies because its production stopped being carried out years later.

How many dolls has Barbie from Mexico created?

Because Barbie is one of the most famous dolls, many of the countries have representative collections of the nations, but Mexico has not been left behind. and Mattel and the company have released major toys.

It was recently given to know that Katia Echazerreta is one of the Mexican women who has now become a Barbiebut this is not the only option that the doll is inspired by citizens of Mexico to make a collaboration.

From athletes to activists have been honored by Barbie, a clear example is the doll of Adriana Azuara, businesswoman and activist for the well-being of Latin America.

On the other hand, one of the most emblematic is the Barbie Lorena Ochoa to recognize the achievements of the golfer within the sport where women have almost no participation.

Continuing on the same topic, Barbie also launched the Paola Espinoza doll, which wore a pink bathing suit in honor of the competitions in which he participated and was part of the “One of a kind” collection in 2021.

In addition, without counting the three versions that exist of the costume of china poblana as well as the Frida Kahlo doll.

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