Vero Kato: “I knew nothing, nothing about perfumes”


smiling and kind, Vero Kato arrives at the Hotel Novit lounge, barely takes her place and begins to share the details of her profession, perfumerthat passion that she adopted after working in a pharmacy, and that has made her one of the 500 perfumers in the world.

She is currently the perfumer of Natura, a job she conquered after several years of work: “I started in a perfumery company, it was my first contact with the world of fragrances; I did not know anything, nothing, I did not even know that there was a world of perfume, ”he says to MILLENNIUM in a Spanish that is suddenly accompanied by a Portuguese accent.

Perfume by Vero Kato |  Adriana Jimenez
Perfume by Vero Kato | Adriana Jimenez

After several years that allowed her to gain experience in the main perfume houses where she works, which “create perfumes for all the brands in the world”, and basically have male perfumers, as it is a profession that has been inherited for many years. from parents to children; Vero arrived at Natura, where today he is proud to lead the area in which the Brazilian brand’s fragrances are created.

“When they invited me to work at Natura, they told me that they didn’t want the fragrances to smell like those on the market”so it was given the task of finding a way to offer an original and quality proposal.

“In our perfumery we use classic ingredients such as jasmine, rose, cedar, sandalwoodbut what sets us apart is that we mix them with a palette of exclusive oils, aromas that no one else has, and that gives our fragrances a unique identity, they express our Brazilianness”, the perfumer specifies.

And he adds: “The other differential is that I work in co-creation with the best perfumers and that ensures that in addition to having a unique olfactory signature, our fragrances have quality and modernity.

Your proposals

Fragrances are sensory, as well as smell they have elements aimed at sight and touch.

soap opera

The perfumer’s story was taken up again in a soap opera, Todas las flores, which is broadcast by Globo Televisión.



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