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By emphasizing that they are a united chamber despite the attacks that have been imposed on them in recent years, the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (CANIRAC) Southeast Region delivered ten Restaurant Merit Awards and three more for years of service and legacy.

His President Eder Alejandro López Gonzálezexpressed that as a union they have known how to support each other and will continue to do so.

During the gala dinner, the 2023 Restaurant Merit Awards were delivered, in the categories:

  • Trajectory: Franchise Operator Table 90 of Alberto Salinas and Mario Mata.
  • Young Restaurateur: Jorge Castro from Shot & Shot.
  • Best Gastronomic Proposal: Farm Los Compadres.
  • Best Fast Food: Eddy’s Burger.
  • Best Taqueria: The Pastor of Venustiano Carranza.
  • Service of excellence: to Don Artemio
  • Good Awakening: to Farm The Compadres

  • Good Eating: Il Mercato Gentiloni

  • Good Dining: Don Artemio

  • Good atmosphere: Juarez House

Recognitions were also given to restaurants for their trajectory, where the winners were:

  • More than 25 years of uninterrupted service: Pour la France!
  • More than 50 years of uninterrupted service: The Saltillo Picnic.
  • Restaurant Legacy: Don Braulio Cardenas Cantu.

High levels of inflation generated price adjustments

During his speech at the gala dinner and award ceremony for Restaurant Merit, the businessman, who also started his last year at the helm of Canirac Sureste, said that the Inflation has reached levels as high as “unseen for many years”which has caused adjustments to be applied to the prices of the products offered to diners.

We have had to reinvent ourselves and fight with increases in raw materials, personnel turnover is becoming a great challenge that affects our daily operations and impacts our direct economy”, he highlighted.

In addition, he said that restaurateurs have known how to come out in the face of adversity and the best example is the covid-19 pandemic.

Recognize women in the restaurant sector

During the evening, women who, due to their tenacity and dynamism in the restaurant and gastronomy sector They have managed to position and achieve empowerment spaces such as Mayra Arenas, Geraldine Gil, Alicia Mendoza, Elsa Ramos, Irma Guerrero, Gaby Ramos, Laura Mora, Leticia Loya, Luisa Castilla, María Fernanda Pérez, Nadia Saade, Paola Rodríguez, Sarinya Napkum, Mayra Hernández, Olga Leticia Cisneros, Mayela González, Lidia Cárdenas Cantú, Lilia Amparo Cantú de Cárdenas, Laura Elena Peláez Guzmán, Emilia Margarita Destenave Kuri, Irma Cárdenas, María del Carmen García, Martha Patricia Valdez García, Paola Chapoy and Nancy González Pico de la Pink

They take protest to the new Council of Canirac Southeast Region

For his part he Mayor José María Fraustro Siller took the protest to the new Council of Canirac Southeast Regionhighlighted the merits that women are also achieving in the gastronomic sector and the growth of the sector in the city.

The Secretary of Tourism and Development of Magic Towns, Azucena Ramos Ramos, He cited the strong presence of the sector in the economic and tourism spheres of Mexico and Coahuila, he also highlighted that it is a participatory union with a large workforce.



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