Tired of managing everything? Try phlegm

Morgane Honey Matias Indjik, Madame Figaro

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I am Morgane Miel, editor-in-chief of “Madame Figaro”, in charge of business matters. For fourteen years, I have been exploring issues related to the professional life of women, to help them overcome obstacles, to move forward without sacrificing everything, but also to establish their influence and their impact on the world of tomorrow. I wanted, after all these years, all these articles, to go to the other side of the mirror. To tell you “I”, to weave with you the thread of a more direct conversation. I can’t invite you all for coffee, but the spirit is there. Welcome to this newsletter, this space for expression designed for you, which you will find every two weeks. Do not hesitate to answer me, to write to me, to suggest avenues of reflection to develop together.

“How about trying phlegm?” Getty Images

Forty-four years: that’s the time it took me to discover the power of phlegm. Better late than never, you might say. The probability…

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