Tips for traveling with your pet on these Easter holidays


The holidays are coming up and many people already have their suitcases ready to leave their places of residence for a few days In order to go to others and take a well-deserved rest, however, there are others who, although they intend to vacation, believe that they cannot do it because there is no one to take care of their pets, but what would it be like to take your little animals on a trip with you?

It is increasingly common for travelers to choose to include their pets on their trips, in addition, There are already airlines that allow michis or loins to travel in the cabin, As if that were not enough, there are pet friendly hotels.

“Today pets are an important part of our families and taking a trip with them to practice outdoor activities can be a different experience that greatly enriches the journey,” said Despegar in Mexico through a statement.

As you can see, having these activities can further strengthen the bond with your pet and If you are thinking of going on vacation with your pet, but you do not know how to do it and the care that you should have with your puppy or kitten, then we share some tips that can help you a lot to carry out this adventure with your pet.

Pets / File
Pets / File

Tips for traveling with my pet on vacation

plan your trip

The first thing you should take into account before going on a trip with your pet is to plan your itineraries. This point is extremely important, because if you plan everything in advance You will be able to find the hotels and attractive places that you can visit with your michi or loin.

Avoid changes in your pet’s diet

Before embarking on the adventure with your pet, you must first make sure that you do not change their diet so drastically, since they can resent it and therefore get sick.. On the trip, take the food that you usually give him and do not change it because during the holidays could present intestinal problems.

Check the health of your pet

Before traveling, the ideal is to take your pet to the vet for a general check-up and check that everything is fine with his health. Also keep in mind that if you travel abroad, there are countries that require certain vaccinations so that your pet can enter the country, so do not hesitate to take it to the specialist to have the corresponding inoculations placed.

Dogs are the most sensitive pets to heat (Unsplash).
Dogs are the most sensitive pets to heat (Unsplash).

Don’t forget to hydrate it!

Whether during the trip by plane, car or truck, do not forget to take a container with you to give your pet water, especially if you travel to places with hot weather and it is not used to it. Another tip is that you avoid exposing it to very high temperatures or walking when the ground is very hot, remember that it can cause some burns on its legs.

let him get used to it

As soon as they arrive at the hotel or the place where they will spend their stay, allow it to be taken the time to inspect or smell everything so that you can feel that it is a safe place and gradually get used to it.



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