This Is Why Cat Urine Smells Strong

Kittens are animals that have become very popular for a long time and therefore, more and more people are adopting one for the first time and In the process many doubts may arise, one of them is why the urine of the michis smells very strong.

To clarify this issue, Ricardo Javier Rodríguez Corral, veterinarian and zootechnician who works as Senior Technical Marketing Manager at ADM, told MILLENNIUM the reason why cat urine smells so bad.

The diet of cats influences the smell of urine

The specialist mentioned that something influences the smell of the urine of the michis It is their diet, since it is very different from that of dogs because kittens they need other nutrients and are also mostly carnivorous.

Cats (Pexels).
Cats (Pexels).

“The cat is a strict carnivore, that is, it needs ingredients of animal origin, yes or yes, because the cat, unlike the dog, cannot produce taurine. It is an essential amino acid found in animal tissues and that is why the cat is carnivorous. Not only is it taurine, but also preformed vitamin A does not have an enzyme that breaks it down, and vitamin A is also found in animal tissues. Another essential nutrient for the cat is niacin. In cat diets, unlike dogs, the first change is that they have a higher percentage of protein, for this reason that they are strict carnivores.

Why does male urine smell so strong? michis?

As the vet comments, the cat’s diet greatly influences the urine having this smell, but also because the michis system unfolds the proteins, In addition, urea is also involved.

“Cat urine smells a lot because of the excess urea and because the high protein content breaks down, it makes the urine smell a lot.”

Cats (Special).
Cats (Special).

Finally, Ricardo Javier Rodríguez Corral recommended that to avoid constantly perceiving this smell, lCat owners should clean the litter box daily.

“The recommendation is to clean the sandbox and sometimes there are solutions such as bicarbonate to try to do the proper cleaning. The most important thing is to do that daily cleaning and change the sand, which is the place where the cat has its needs.


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