This is the rigorous diet that Maribel Guardia follows to have an enviable figure at 63 years of age


Maribel Guardia is one of the most recognized celebrities in Mexico not only for her talent, but also for her beauty and her statuesque figure. At 63 years old, the famous has shown that there is no age to continue taking care of oneself through of exercise and a diet in order to have an enviable body.

Through her social networks Maribel Guardia shares her passion and love for sport, that is why she uploads photos of her in her gym, as well as you read it, since the actress In his house he has his space to exercise.

Although we have seen that even in his gym he has photos of himself, perhaps as part of hisor inspiration not to give up and continue exercising, very rarely Maribel Guardia has spoken about the diet that he follows.

As you know, having a good diet is a fundamental part of being able to achieve the goals you set for yourself if you want to have a slim figure, but it is also important to eat balanced to have good health.

Maribel Guardia knows this perfectly and in an interview for TV and novels finally the mother of Julián Figueroa revealed what his diet is, which is undoubtedly one of his best secrets saved to have an impact figure.

The actress says she takes great care of not eat carbohydrates and only consume them once a day.

“When I eat an omelette in the morning, the rest of the day I don’t eat another and I avoid bread.”

On the other hand, he shared that he loves to eat fruits, vegetables and especially proteins that are rich in Omega 3 like fish, especially salmon.

And while she tries to stick to her diet most days, that doesn’t mean that every once in a while don’t “cheat” and eat desserts or foods with a little more fat.

“On Sundays I eat everything: pizza, hamburger, desserts.”

Finally, he pointed out that when he is away from home, whether for work or vacation Do not neglect your diet and try to eat healthy foods.

“I try to carry healthy things in my bag so I don’t have to eat filthy things like chips, sweets and so on.”



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