These are the three conditions for Harry and Meghan to attend the coronation of Carlos III

The uncertainty about the relations that the prince has Harrytogether with his wife Meghanand the British royal family have been the focus around the royalty in recent years.

Now, days away from the coronation of the King Charles IIIIt is not certain whether his youngest son will attend and he will face again with characters like his brother, the heir to the throne, William.

And it is that Harry has ‘ventilated’ multiple issues related to the British royal family in a popular book and a documentary for Netflixwhich has not only hit its media image but also has created silence in the Palace of Buckingham.

Now, the press from the United Kingdom reveals that there is a high probability that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, harry and meghan, attend the great event; however, this depends on a number of requests by the current inhabitants of the United States.

According to an interview with the British magazine okay, Harry and Meghan “have no choice” but to attend King Charles’ coronation in the Westminster Abbey on May 6.

Richard Fitzwilliam, public relations expert and royal commentator, says that to keep their contracts they should remain associated with royalty, otherwise, their business with brands would be affected.

Currently, Harry is in the UK attending to a legal matter; however, it is expected that he will not see his father because he has earrings, even outside the country.

These are the conditions for Harry and Meghan to attend the coronation of Carlos III

the same magazine okay ensures that Harry and Meghan are negotiating their family’s attendance at the coronation of King Carlos III.

According to the British media, they mainly have three requests: the first, that they have place in the balcony of Buckingham Palace; the second, that your security is covered; but the main thing is that son Archie’s fourth birthdaywhich is the same day as the coronation, be part of the ceremony or have a special place.

Likewise, they conclude by saying that the dukes are willing to attend and They think it will be a great experience. for his two children with his family.


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