These are the most visited beaches in Tamaulipas. Do you know them yet?

Do you want to visit Tamaulipas and enjoy its beautiful beaches? This information may interest you, because we leave you a list of the state’s favorite beaches.

Of the most visited tourist sites on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico are the Tamaulipas beachesfor its great diversity in gastronomy, landscapes and warm waters.

These beaches stretch along 432 kilometers of coastline, from the north of the state to the south.

Thousands of tourists from the other states of Mexico are received, since the great hospitality and warmth when providing service is characteristic.

Bagdad Beach in Matamoros, Tamaulipas.
Bagdad Beach in Matamoros, Tamaulipas.

Baghdad Beach

Starting with the baghdad beach, stands out for its soft sand, calm waves and, unlike other beaches, it is ‘flat’ and shallow. It has 6 kilometers to the north and 30 to the south of Tamaulipas.

On its beach you can carry out different sports activities, musical events and the traditional parade of the sea, in addition to eating delicious fresh seafood in the different restaurants.

It is located 40 kilometers east of matamoros.

Barra del Tordo Beach in Aldama, Tamaulipas.  Photo: Via Facebook Turismo Tamaulipas
Barra del Tordo Beach in Aldama, Tamaulipas. Photo: Via Facebook Turismo Tamaulipas

Barra del Tordo Beach

Barra del Tordo Beachit is a beach of aldama where its sand is soft, you can find palapas where they offer delicious fresh seafood dishes, as well as being an ideal place for sport fishing and activities such as camping, kayaking due to its gentle waves and diving into the water to cool off.

It is located on the Aldama-Barra del Tordo highway, 42 km from the municipal seat, in a time of 40 minutes by car. Its location is easy to find and while you arrive, you will enjoy some spectacular landscapes.

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Miramar Beach

The favorite in Tamaulipas is Miramar beach, located in Ciudad Madero, noted for its almost white sand, the breakwater area where you can visit the raccoons, restaurants, bars and clubs where you will spend an incredible stay.

Miramar Beach in Ciudad Madero, the most visited destination in Tamaulipas.
Miramar Beach in Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas.

It also has palapas, water activities such as the famous ‘Banana’ which is a walk through the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, yacht tours, as well as surfing or fishing, depending on how much you like extreme sports and of course swim in the beautiful beach.

This is the complete information on Miramar beach

La Pesca beach received bathers again.  (Courtesy)
La Pesca beach, in Tamaulipas.

Fishing Beach

In Soto la Marina you find the fishing beach where you will find a beach with calm waves, hundreds of palapas, you can camp, swim in the warm waters, taste different seafood dishes, as well as an incredible view.

It is characterized by the impressive landscape of the Madre lagoon on one side and the Soto la Marina river on the other.

It stands out for the different activities that take place such as concerts and sports tournaments, including fishing, especially during the Easter holiday season.

It is located under the navyby highway number 70.

Treasure Beach

In Altamirathe treasure beach, It is an excellent place to practice sport fishing, walk and in addition to its beautiful natural environment, there is no type of infrastructure.

That is why you must bring your own umbrella, chairs and what is necessary for your stay.

Did you know that this beach is virgin?

It is a semi-virgin beach because it does not have a solid tourist infrastructure.

It is located on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, starting from the north breakwater of the entrance navigation channel to the industrial port.

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Carbonera Beach

Carbonera Beachin San Fernando where you can spend an incredible day with your family or friends, there are areas with tables to taste your food in front of the beach, restaurants, as well as activities like fishing.

You can find this place in the municipality of San Fernando, located northeast of Tamaulipas, just two hours from the border with the United States.

Golden Dunes!, Visit them in Tamaulipas
Dunas Doradas Beach! Visit it in Altamira, Tamaulipas

Golden Dunes Beach

In Altamira, Golden Dunes beach It is one of the favorites although to get there you will have to go by all-terrain car, lhe sand dunes are the main attraction of the place to do extreme sports such as riding an ATV, buggy, racer or in your 4×4 all-terrain vehicle.

From camping, fishing, walking on the dunes, and bathing in the warm waters of the beach you can do on this beautiful beach.

To get there you use the Luis Donaldo Colosio bypass towards Altamira and you will find it just 10 minutes from Miramar beach in Ciudad Madero.

Here the complete information of the Dunas Doradas beach.

Now it’s up to you to decide which of these beaches you will visit!

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