These are the flights that depart from the Tampico airport

Tamaulipas he has five airports to provide service to passengers and take them to different destinations within Mexico and outside the country. In the case of Tampico, we give you some details of the air terminal, such as the flights you have and the services it offers.

What are the airports that Tamaulipas has?

In Nuevo Laredo, the airport “Quetzalcoatl”

In Reynosa, the airport “General Lucio Blanco”

In Matamoros, the airport “Gral. Servando Canales”

In Ciudad Victoria, the airport “Gen. Pedro J. Mendez”

In Tampico, “General Francisco Javier Mina”

Which flights depart from Tampico?

According to the OMA page, administrator of the tampico international airportthere is five destinations offered by four airlines, one of the flights is international.

Mexico City

Several flights depart from Tampico to Mexico City, the destination with the most daily passengers, for business trips, paperwork or vacations. It’s Aeromexico and Long live Aerobus who offer the service to this destination.


The capital of Nuevo León is also one of the destinations with the most passengers from the Tampico airport. There are at least two flights a day and they are the companies Long live Aerobus and TAR who provide the service.


Flights also depart from Tampico to the south of the Mexican Republic, such as the tourist destination of Cancun, Quintana Roo. The trip is offered by Long live Aerobus!


Carmen City

Because many people in the area work on oil platforms, one of the destinations of the Tampico airport is City of Carmen in Campeche. The flight has it TAR.

Houston Texas

A flight leaves from the Tampico airport to the United States, the destination is Houston, Texas and is offered by United Airlines.

At the Tampico airport there are parking services, shops, restaurants and even a special place for pets to rest.


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