The Tampico Airport has an area for pets, did you know?

Traveling is one of the activities that gives humans the most pleasure. Visiting new places, returning to your hometown or simply escaping for a weekend sounds like an exceptional plan and living it without your pet is out of the question.

However, their well-being is paramount and some places do not have a designated space for pets, so many people stop or modify their plans.

Luckily, the Tampico International Airport It has a small place designated for traveling loins, did you know?

Our pets are a fundamental part of our lives and it is really pleasant to live special moments with them, so we always look for a place where they are well received.

This area is located just to the left of the airport entrance, this is an ideal place for pets travelers will de-stress and recover from your trip.

Pet area at the Tampico airport.  (Salma Navarro)
Pet area at the Tampico airport. (Salma Navarro)

And just like everyone else, when we arrive from a long trip, the first thing we do is go straight to the bathroom, pets do it the same way, so it is an ideal place for them to relieve themselves, since it has grass.

It should be noted that unlike other airports in the country, you must bring what is necessary for the stay of your ‘loin’ in the place.

You can have access to it all day, as it is subject to the airport schedule.

Coexistence rules

Like any common site to use it you must respect the regulations issued by OMA to what they call “rules of the game”:

Do not lose sight of your dog, remember that it is a place for other pets to rest as well.

Pick up any waste from your dog.

They cannot drink or eat in the place, it must be outside of it.

Keep doors closed for the safety of all pets

Regulations for the pet area at the Tampico airport.  (Salma Navarro)
Regulations for the pet area at the Tampico airport. (Salma Navarro)


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