The Nostradamus prophecy suggested by Pope Francis is the last one before the “apocalypse”


On the morning of Wednesday, March 29, the Vatican City reported that in the Pope Francis had been hospitalized in a hospital in Rome, Italy, in response to the physical discomfort that he manifested in his chest, for which underwent medical check-ups to rule out any cardiac or respiratory disease.

Later, it would be confirmed that he suffers from infectious bronchitis. In addition, the press office of the ecclesiastical headquarters affirmed that the health of the holy pontiff is on the mend progressive, so He resumed his schedule virtually from the hospital.

Given this, the international community expressed its concern, particularly for the age and previous conditions to your credit, for example, the removal of 33 centimeters of colon due to severe diverticular stenosis; to the above is added the ligament problems in his right knee, fact that leads him to require a cane and a wheelchair.

Due to all of the above, some people immediately associated the health problem with the prophecies of Nostradamus, who predicted a dark period for the Catholic Church.

What is the prophecy of the Black Pope, the same one that is associated with Pope Francis?

Michel Nostradamus, a Proven├žal doctor who lived in the 16th century, is the author of one of the most enigmatic works for mystery lovers and those curious about the events of the future. It’s about the book ‘The prophecies’, made up of more than 900 quatrains or four-verse poems that presumably announce future events in France and the rest of Europe.

Although these are ambiguous writings, many have been associated with historical events that have marked the course of society on an international level. Among the prophecies that are said to have been made and fulfilled are:

  • The assassination of Henry IV of France
  • The fall of the French monarchy
  • The arrival of Napoleon Bonaparte to power
  • The death of Queen Elizabeth II
Pope Francis appreciates prayers and good wishes after announcement of his hospitalization
Pope Francis appreciates prayers and good wishes after announcement of his hospitalization

Although one of the calamities that would afflict the people of God is the arrival of the ‘black pope’, that is, a person with dark energy who will be in charge of leading to ruin, cataloging it even as one of the first signs of the end of the world.

The reality is that the quatrain to which reference is made and which has been interpreted as such is the following:

“In the beginning there will be deadly diseases as a warning, then there will be plagues, many animals would die, there will be catastrophesclimatic changes, and finally, the wars and invasions of the black king will begin.

The foregoing has been meant as a reference to the Jesuits, the Roman Catholic order of priests to which Pope Francis belongs and who are characterized by dressing in black. In addition, its leaders are known as “Black Pope”.



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