The farmer lost his reign! French bulldog is America’s most popular new puppy

After 31 years of reign, the labrador was dethroned this Wednesday by the French bulldog as America’s most popular dog.

It’s the first time the French bulldog rises to the top of the popularity ranking that makes every year by the American Kennel Club (AKC), a purebred dog advocacy organization founded in 1884.

The labrador retriever saved his life. (Shutterstock)
Labrador (Shutterstock)

The list of winners for 2022presented in a press release, puts the French bulldog ahead of the labrador retriever, just the opposite of the previous year.

Behind them, the preferred breeds were the golden retriever, the German shepherd and the poodle.

“The Adorable Labrador” had been at the top for 31 years.

Rising from fourteenth place in 2012 to first ten years later, “the French bulldog has seen its popularity grow over the years, And for good reason: they are playful, versatile, loyal and sociable,” said Gina DiNardo, the organization’s president.

The popularity ranking established each year by the AKC it is based on the number of dogs registered for each breed of dog.

In 10 years, the number of registered French bulldogs grew 1,000%.

French bulldogs, like their English cousins ​​and pugs, have a short muzzle, which can lead to breathing problems and other health complications.

The Dutch agriculture minister said in January that would seek to prohibit the possession of animals that “suffer for their appearance”.

The Netherlands banned the breeding of pets that are affected by their appearance in 2014, but some animals are still illegally traded or bought abroad.

French bulldogs also made headlines in 2021, when the pop star Lady Gaga had her two pets of this breed stolen while a dog walker he took them for a walk.

the three thieves were captured and imprisoned and the dogs returned to their owner.


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