The best of two worlds! Get to know the tripe burger that you can enjoy in Torreón

A very innovative fast food concept arrives in Torreón, since a restaurant combined the delicious traditional flavor of a hamburger with the crunchiness of tripe.

Ideal for eating out with the familysatiate your hunger on a sightseeing tour of the city, a meeting with schoolmates or a sudden craving.

Any occasion is propitious to delight the taste and satisfy the desire to try new things. When you think about restaurants, a range of options opens up and there are places for all tastes.

If you find it difficult to choose, there is an establishment in the region that may be able to help you with it, because it offers a vast variety in your menuand combines the elements very well to offer you delicious options.

burgerland is a fast food restaurant that offers diners a large space, music, and dishes that include boneless, wings, hot dogsand accessories such as onion rings, banderillas, potatoes among others… although its specialty, as its name reveals, are hamburgers.

A little or rather, quite different from what the original hamburger used to be, consistent first in a medallion of meat that they called “Hamburg steak”, and then deposited between 2 pieces of bread.

The origin of the hamburger as we know it today is not precisely known, but some hypotheses agree that it was necessary to be able to assemble it quickly to carry it in your hands when you were in a hurry or did not want to stay eating in the establishment.

The business started recently after the pandemic ended, in 2020. Alfredo Acosta, young manager of the downtown branch, tells us that It was 3 years ago when this initiative arose and that the menuwas the product of trial, error and on-site tests until it was extended to 28 types of hamburger! Giving credit for this to one of his cousins, Raúl, with whom he worked on the preparation of the letter.

Among the options stands out the call Mar y Tierra, which has among its components grilled cheese, avocado, roasted onion... and the featured ingredient: shrimp, In case you can’t decide between seafood or red meat.

The peculiar hamburger and one of the most striking, the one with little bellieswhich they named gut-burger, “What else could we put in, if we started with the steak, then the pastor… we think that everyone loves tripe, right? And that’s how this combination came about, which, like all of them, is really good,” he mentions Alfred.

Alfredo tells us about the success of the business, started in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, and its expansion in this city.

If you walk near the cable car, you can take a walk any day of the week to try a Monster and a Special.

The establishment has won the preference of some clients who became regular attendees, going to eat up to 3 times a week, and due to its versatility, all kinds of diners visit it: from tourists, students, couples, children and families.

Burger with guts.  (Courtesy)
Burger with guts. (Courtesy)


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