The best of the romance industry in San Miguel de Allende are recognized at L’Amore Experience Awards 2023

Performing over 1,000 weddings a year, “San Miguel de Allende continues to position itself as the best destination in the romance industryso it is important to recognize the work of all the characters, service providers and suppliers that have made it possible,” said Maika of the O to MILLENNIUM during the gala L’Amore Experience Awards at Rancho Luna Escondida.

Evening in which he also thanked his guests and especially “Gloria Torruco, who made time in her busy schedule to be here. Thank you very much Gloria.”


The party began with the catwalk of the creations of Iann Deeywhich with a diversity of textures, pearls and crystals shaped the wedding dresses, which were framed by the impressive gardens and outdoor rooms set for the occasion.

Some twenty proposals in white, beige, gipiure, organza, with necklines in front or behind and long trains or discreet accessories were the delight of the guests, especially the women, who found a dream come true in one of the designs.

After the spontaneous ovation that Iann Dey received when walking the catwalk behind his models, the gala continued with the awards ceremony.


Tania Castillo de la PenaDirector of Economic Development, International Relations and Ong’s, highlighted the importance of celebrating that San Miguel de Allende “It is positioned as the best wedding destination, but above all to recognize and thank those who make it possible.”

And in front of the more than 200 guests, he added: “It is time to celebrate the best wedding destination thanks to you and the wedding planners here and those who are not from San Miguel de Allende and are accompanying us and have seen in San Miguel the place to develop their creativity.

And then Jessica Diaz de Leon and Francisco Zea unveiled the distinguished characters of the gala L’Amore Experience Awards 2023.


Eduardo Colhman He was the first to go on stage to receive the Gastronomy award, which he thanked and dedicated “to my wife”.

Immediately, those who with their sensitivity create ideal atmospheres for the romance industry were distinguished. Augusto Vazquez received the distinction in the Floral Design category for the Magnolia Project.

The San José Lavista Hacienda obtained the First Impact Venue award in San Miguel de Allende and Jimena and Olga Seoane they received it.

And for the hosts of the party, Rancho Luna Escondida, the New Venue award was presented. Gardenia Meza Curiel received the distinction.

Mauricio Gutierrez Losada He was recognized for his work as an Event Designer; while Javier Bredee won the award as Revelation Wedding Planner.

The title of Wedding Planning International was delivered to Todd Fiscuswho hours before shared in a press conference the main elements that he considers to make a wedding a great experience.

And finally, Jessica Diaz de Leon He commented: “The Experience Creator’s biggest secret is precisely that, combining his sensitivity, passion and creativity to consolidate transcendent moments that create wonderful atmospheres”, before presenting the next winner. Peter deAnda.

Susana Palazuelosthe expert and creator of the Weeding Planner profession, was precise when presenting the Experience Creator award.

“Just as I was inspired to do what I’ve done so far, so I congratulate Peter de Anda for inspiring all of us all the time,” he said as the ovations added to the recognition.

Excited De Anda commented: “A few years have passed since we began the adventure of doing weddings, it was crazy to think that they could adopt these colors, but it has to do with the fact that we are a dedicated people, with the desire to always get ahead; but this tribute also goes to all the musicians, potters, painters and others who have participated in this industry, the recognition also goes to all of them”.


By then the party continued with dinner served by chef Rita Campos, an antipasto, golden croquette, tangerine and mezcal shot, laqué duck, canpechana and cajeta cake, sapote mouse and soursop sorbet and the chocolate bar; while the Maquesh group entertained the evening.

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