Tequila is named as the best spirit in the world, but the title lasts just hours; this drink ousted him

TasteAtlas (“atlas of taste”, translated into Spanish) is a global map that aims to provide information on food, ingredients, recipes and characteristic restaurants of each region; It was created in 2018 by the Croatian traveler Matija Babic.

The project originated in response to the lack of data regarding the gastronomy of the countries and the shortcomings of traditional tourist guides. Since then, he has regularly run popularity charts and numerical scores based on a scale of five of different food and beverage categories.

In addition, to date it already has specifications for 10,714 dishes, 5,940 endemic ingredients and 22,669 restaurants. The most recent of its rankings groups the 50 best alcoholic beverages in the world as of March 2023. Rested tequila was in first place; however, recognition lasted for hours, as it was quickly superseded by Scotch whiskey.

Mexican tequila, the best alcoholic drink in the world for a few hours

Through his Twitter account, TasteAtlas shared an image that shows the position of each of the 50 best-evaluated liquors, where the Mexican flag stood out occupying the first position in the ranking with rested tequila, a drink that obtained a 4.4 rating.

Scotch whiskey was in second place, with the same score without specifying more hundredths than the difference. The top 10 was made up until 10:34 a.m., publication time in central Mexico, as follows:

In addition, the Mexican tequila in its different variants also stood out in other positions on the list:

  • White tequila at number 13
  • Añejo tequila at number 14
  • Tequila at 16th place
  • Mezcal ranked 18
  • Extra aged tequila at number 31

However, as the hours passed, this changed, because at the time of writing this note (9:05 p.m. on Monday, March 20), the positions had already changed, remaining as follows:


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