Taste is Polanco. “It’s like a gastronomic field day”

Alejandro Garza, CEO of Sabor es Polanco, specified that although the quality that has distinguished his gastronomic festival, will be the essence in the ninth edition that will take place on March 25 and 26; There are several attractions that have been added so that the event remains a great family party.

“The public has to know that on Saturday they are going to see the magnificent Myst show, with more than 25 actors on stage at 5:30 in the afternoon, to close the party. People should also know that we are going to have a VIP lounge, for those who want a little more comfort and privacy, they can get in there with a special price,” Garza said in an interview with MILLENNIUM.

And he added: “And everything else is the same as always: quality of food, drink, classes, tastings, masterclass, games for children – we will have Recórcholis, the Sonora Grill Playroom, the Granja de las Américas -. We are very happy, it is a festival that has aroused a lot of interest in the (restaurant) industry. I say that it is a wonderful gastronomic picnic that the whole family can come to; and there is also music during the day, mariachi, marimba, one has a great time”.

The manager stressed that this year visitors will be able to make great pairings, since Baja California is the guest country and will arrive with the best wines.

Flavor is Polanco (Special).
Flavor is Polanco (Special).

“The Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Aguiñiga Rodríguez, showed his interest in promoting the wonders of wine production in the valleys of Baja California, where more than 70% of the wine in the entire country is produced, which is already a pride of the national winery; so that great pairings can be made ”, he highlighted.

In the interview, the executive highlighted that “ticket prices will remain the same as last year, since the idea is to continue offering a quality event at the same cost, especially now that the fear of the covid has been lost and people come here happy”.

In fact, he announced that they are already preparing other gastronomic proposals to please the different palates.

Flavor is Polanco (Special).
Flavor is Polanco (Special).

“We are preparing the Hamburger Day festival for May and we already have the barbecue festival in the Infield of the Hipódromo de las Américas, because the idea is to satisfy all tastes with the various proposals,” he explained.

The keys

alternate events

The appointment at Campo Marte will also have some special classes, such as those that Mikel Alonso will offer with his best proposals and the tastings that they have planned the wineries

also cars

Volvo will have a special space for the public to learn about the experience and its role in gastronomy, through the Volvo Reserve platform that it is launching with chefs Helena Reygadas, Jorge Vallejo and David Castro.


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