Tacos are not the best food in America; This dish ranks first, according to TasteAtlas


Mexico is known for having several dishes that are undoubtedly delicious, including tacos, of which we can find a great variety. And although this food is known worldwide, it seems that they are not the best dish on the American continent.

TasteAtlas, portal specialized in rating desserts, drinks and dishes from around the world, was given the task of listing the best foods in the American continent and the big surprise is that the tacos do not occupy the first place.

50 dishes appear on the list, some of them from Chile, ArgentinaBrazil, Peru, the United States or Colombia and although for Mexicans tacos They are the best food on the continent and even in the world, TasteAtlas don’t think so much.

Rosca de tacos seeks to be a new tradition in Puebla |  Andres Lobato
Cleats | Andres Lobato

It was through Tweet it TasteAtlas released the list of the Best Dishes in America and as we tell you, the list is made up of 50 foods. Although the tacos do not occupy the first place, within the places there are several Mexican preparations that are recognized.

Among the Mexican dishes that appear on the list in addition to tacos are: the carnitas that occupy the eighth place, followed by the esquite that was classified in the eleventh position.

The cochinita pibil also appears and occupies the position number 12. Later on the site 19 we find lime soup, 23 tacos gobernador and 29 guacamole.

That is not all since the mole, barbacoa, carne asada tacos and gringas occupy the top spots 30, 32, 32 and 33, respectively. The tacos al pastor are located at site 35, at 37 the gorditas, at 30 the chilaquiles and at 40 the mole poblano.

Finally, the tacos al carbon were assigned to place 45, pan de muerto in 48 and the Arab tacos in 50.

What is the best dish on the American continent?

Well according to TasteAtlas, the dish that beat the tacos was the asado from Argentina. Next we leave you the list of the best dishes in America.



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