Swimming Home

Shortlisted for The Man Booker Prize, 2012

“This is an intelligent, pulsating literary beast” – Philip Womack, The Telegraph

“[Swimming Home] unfolds with all the restrained, cool assurance of French Nouvelle Vague cinema, but this is tempered by an urgent optimism, an unashamedly compassionate portrayal of lives losing their way” – Scott Morris, Cadaverine

“Readers will have to resist the temptation to hurry up in order to find out what happens during and after Joe and Kitty’s wild ride along the coast because ‘Swimming Home’ should be read with care. So many of its important events occur in the spaces between chapters that it’s easy to overlook how thoroughly they’ve been prepared for. Our reward is enjoyable, if unsettling, experience of being pitched into the deep waters of Levy’s wry, accomplished novel” – Francine Prose, New York Times Book Review

Published by & Other Stories, 2011.

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