Susana Palazuelos: “I invented the career of the wedding planner”

Proud of the effect her work as wedding planner (wedding planner), which started more than 30 years ago to promote Guerrero and is now known as the romance industry that is also practiced in San Miguel de Allende and Los Cabos, Susana Palazuelos specifies that the benefit materializes in “the millions of millions of dollars that it leaves to Mexico”.

Interviewed by MILENIO at the Santa Catalina vineyard, after having shared her experience and tips for wedding planning with various wedding planners and protagonists of the romance industry, as part of the activities of L’amore Experience Awards 2023 who organizes Maika of the O and that are delivered in San Miguel de Allende, the chef shared how the idea that became an industry came about.

“I invented the wedding planner career, I was the first; I took care of everything, from where the couple would travel, to where they were going to stay, what activities they were going to do and then everything for the bride, minute by minute. And with the passage of time I have had to teach them that work and what it implies”.

catholic weddings

For this reason, the chef highlights that she is recognized as “the pioneer in holding weddings by the sea, in the open air, and in obtaining permission from the Church to celebrate Catholic weddings and the certification of Jewish ceremonies; she cost me a good job, but we did it. We kept moving forward in what we started so many years ago, when tourism dropped because airlines were taken from us, and then I came up with this idea of ​​having a wedding, and going ahead and taking care of everything. And so romance tourism grew and raised Acapulco, now it represents millions of millions of dollars throughout the Republic”.

And although the romance industry began in the Guerrero port, Susana acknowledges that “Los Cabos and San Miguel de Allende have become strong venues for weddings. Of course, in San Miguel there is no beach, but it has other attractions and elements with which interesting experiences can be planned in these events”.

In addition, the objectives with which Palazuelos began his role as wedding planner have not changed: “I continue doing what I am passionate about, taking care of everything and every detail, the place, the climate, the gastronomy, the atmosphere that is created for each occasion, and I also continue to employ the people of Guerrero. So, I cannot stop creating, doing, seeing what I can continue doing so that people come and enjoy paradise, which is the place where we live, and which is Mexico”.

Susana Palazuelos/Special
Susana Palazuelos/Special

prepare book

In fact, one of his concerns is to make “Mexican gastronomy known throughout the world. We already managed to be among the top five. I want to continue promoting the country and especially my state. I want to make a book that shows the gastronomy, the landscapes, the artisans, the history that we have; that is the new concern”. _

the keys

Iann Dey Catwalk

At the awards party for the best of the romance industry, the designers Iann Deey presented their proposal for bridal gowns, designed from lace, beading, tulle, gipiure and organza, at Rancho Luna Escondida, another of the venues for organizing weddings.

Susana Palazuelos/Special
Susana Palazuelos/Special

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