Some slaps or what? This is what this typical appetizer from Tampico is like.

The cuisine of Tamaulipas, which is very varied, is recognized nationally and internationally, some dishes are characteristic of a specific area, so today we will talk about “the slaps”.

Before you freak out, it’s not what it seems.

In Tampico, there are some ‘tacos‘ which are one of the most popular in the south of the state which, despite its name, is a very popular and loved food by Tamaulipas and even by foreigners.

In Mexico, the word “slapped“, in the first instance, is synonymous with slap either bang with an open hand on his face.

According to RAE, can also be used as “strong and sudden sensation of heat, cold, smell, etc”, or a slight, contempt or offense. But, also a spectacular blow.

What are they and what are they made of?

This delicious meal that is part of the catalog of Mexican snacks is a mix between a typical basket taco, one of those you buy in the morning when you are late for work, which you know its flavor never fails, and a ‘soft’, made of tortilla Red color. However, one difference is that instead of being rolled or folded, 3 folds are made.

Another difference is that they are prepared at the moment and are fried, while the others are bathed in a saucepan and remain perfectly covered for hours.

The base is a corn tortilla fried in vegetable oil with refried beans and shredded meat. On the outside, they place tomato, onion, lettuce or shredded cabbage, cheese, of course the avocado and the sauces, whether green or red, cream and pickled carrots and jalape├▒o peppers on one side. Did you fancy them?

Why are they called like that?

Although there is no confirmation of the reason for its name, many people say that it is due to the way in which these ‘taquitos’ are made which, when prepared very quickly, simulate slaps or blows.

This type of taco, depending on who prepares it, can be used by people who do not eat meat because some are prepared with potatoes or beans while the original ones are made with shredded beans.

Tampico slaps.  (Miriam Hernandez)
Tampico slaps. (Miriam Hernandez)


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