So you can know if your pet has diabetes; these are the cares you should have with her

The health of our pet is very important, because if we take care of it the chances that our michis or loins have a better quality of life increase. And although they can get sick at any time, we must keep in mind that there are certain conditions that they can also present as diabetes.

Diabetes is not only a disease that humans can develop, but also animals. Ricardo Javier Rodríguez Corral, veterinarian and zootechnician, who works as Senior Technical Marketing Manager at ADM, spoke with MILLENNIUM to explain more about this topic.

Why can pets have diabetes?

Ricardo Javier Rodríguez Corral told us that there are several factors that can trigger diabetes, including obesity in pets.

Pets / File
Pets / File

“Diabetes can be caused by several factors. There is the genetic factor, the factor of poor diet and lack of exercise or therefore obesity and obesity would be the most important factor that can cause this disease. They begin to have these changes and low activity can lead to obesity. It is estimated that in Mexico more than fifty percent of the population, dogs and cats, are in this condition of obesity.

The vet explained that when a pet has diabetes it cannot produce insulin or, if applicable, your body does not use it correctly.

“What happens is that the dog or cat does not have the capacity to produce insulin or use it properly, glucose levels rise and there is treatment, but it has to be diagnosed by a veterinarian (…), there are two types of diabetes type I which is insulin dependent where insulin has to be administered, the frequency will be defined by the veterinarian and non-insulin dependents who do not use insulin properly. What we veterinarians do is direct insulin so that glucose metabolism can be corrected, since we know that diabetes is an increase in blood glucose.”

According to the specialist, in dogs, the breeds most prone to developing diabetes are “The poodle and the Schnauzer, since they are the breeds that have a certain predisposition and there is a genetic factor”.

What symptoms do pets with diabetes present and how to detect it?

It is very important that if you notice changes in the behavior of your kitten or puppy take it to the vet, but it is also of the utmost importance that you take into account the symptoms that our animals could present if they have diabetes.

Pets (Shutterstock).
Pets (Shutterstock).

“There are beginning to be various signs, polyphagia, an increase in food consumption; polyuria which is an increase in urination; polydipsia, which is the increase in water consumption, weight loss regardless of the fact that there is an intake and in some cases cataracts ”, Ricardo Javier Rodríguez Corral shares with us.

To be sure that your pet has diabetes, your vet should perform various studies such as laboratory tests such as a blood count and a urinalysis.

The care that should be taken with puppies or kittens with diabetes

The veterinarian Ricardo Javier Rodríguez Corral gave MILLENNIUM some tips that we can do with our pet when our pet was already detected with diabetes, although he also recommended that to avoid the appearance of this disease both michis and tenderloins must have a good diet and thus prevent obesity.

“Moderate exercise and of course a diet that must have certain adjustments. There are therapeutic diets that must contain protein, a low percentage of fat, it must be rich in dietary fiber, it is also suggested that it have an amino acid that is L-carnitine that helps stimulate the production of endogenous insulin”.


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