Salma Hayek unzips dress to continue eating after Oscar 2023

This Sunday the Oscars were held, where several personalities wore their best looks, including Salma Hayek, who dazzled on the carpet and during the ceremony in a red sequined dress.

As always, the Mexican exuded glamor and at the Oscars she was no exception, however, Salma Hayek decided to apply “the old reliable” and unbutton her dress for dinner when you get home.

In a video she shared on Instagram, the actress, who was one of the presenters during the Oscars, she showed that although she did not lose glamor by wearing her dress, she decided unbutton it so you can eat at ease.

Salma Hayek parades for the Oscars |  AFP
Salma Hayek parades for the Oscars | AFP

“Happy to keep it glam but first things first,” she wrote in the post’s description.

In the first video, Salma Hayek is seen from behind, so she reveals that her dress is unbuttoned. He then turns around and begins to eat what appears to be a sandwich.

The publication on Instagram already accumulates more than 668 thousand likes and hundreds of comments on where they applaud the Mexican for showing that even to eat there is to apply the button.

“Salma represented women when we arrived from a party”, “I understand you, it’s that you don’t fill up with what they give you at those parties”, “Hunger is hunger before glamor”, “You looked fantastic as always ”, are some of the comments that the followers of the actress left in the publication.

Something that caught the attention of many was the moment during the champagne carpet is that when Salma saw Pedro Pascal and did not miss the opportunity to take a picture with the actor of the moment.


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