Rosalía hits with underboob outfit on Billboard Woman in Music

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On March 1 in Los Angeles hosted the Billboard Woman in Music, an event that recognizes to those women in the music industry who have made significant contributions to the business. Rosalía arrived at this award, who dazzled many with her outfit in which she wore an underboob neckline.

Rosalía attended said event, where personalities such as Olivia Rodrigo, Lana del Rey and the K-pop group TWICE to receive the Producer of the Year award. Undoubtedly, for this occasion, Rosalía surprised many with her outfit, which consisted of a black dress with transparencies that revealed her underwear, a trend that many celebrities like to wear at important events.

In addition to the dress, the singer also decided to wear a black sweater to match the dress, however, what drew attention is that said garment, which she wore without a bramade the effect of an underboob neckline, that is, a neckline below of the chest.

It is increasingly common for different show business personalities to wear the underboob, a trend that is becoming very popular and that is undoubtedly ideal for those They are not afraid of what they will say, and it is increasingly common to see women show off their figure with this type of outfit.

Where did the underboob neckline come from?

Although for now the underboob neckline is becoming more relevant, it is known that they emerged in 2014, at first with photographs that were called underboob selfies that were uploaded to Instagram with the purpose of circumventing the censorship of the social network that eliminated or censored images of women that showed their full torso.

However, for a long time the fashion industry took these images as a reference to take them to garments, either in bikinis, tops or even sweaters like the one Rosalía wore.


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