Reveal invitation to the coronation of Carlos III; Camila is named queen for the first time

Through the social networks of the Royal Family, the invitation to the coronation was revealed, as well as a new official photograph of the King of the United Kingdom, Carlos III, and Queen Camila. The invitation will be sent to more than 2 thousand people who will be able to attend the event coronation, scheduled for May 6.

Buckingham Palace explained in a statement that the portrait is the work of photographer Hugo Burnand, while the invitation has been designed by heraldic artist and illustrator Andrew Jamieson.

The photo shows a Carlos III with a half smile and a dark blue pinstripe suit, accompanied by a smiling Camila, who is also wearing a blue dress and a pearl necklace, in Buckingham’s Blue Room, one of the most used for receptions.

Similarly, the palace revealed the invitations to be sent out for the coronation on May 6 at Westminster Abbey, in which the kings will be attended by eight Pages of Honor, including their grandson George, second in line of succession, as was also announced today.

the original invitation was done by hand in watercolor and gouache, and the design, reminiscent of the Coronation Emblem, “It will be reproduced and printed on recycled paper, with gold foil details.”

In the center of the card will feature the motif of the Green Man, a figure from British folklore who, crowned by floral and plant motifs, it symbolizes rebirth.

In the invitation Camila is mentioned for the first time only as queen and not as queen consort, something that has called the attention of many.

“The coronation of their Majesties, King Carlos III and Queen Camilla. By order of the King, the Count Marshal is pleased to invite…”.

Since Carlos III was appointed as king, it was assumed that Camila would be the queen consort, however, the invitation could give us a preview of the title that the monarch’s wife would use.

Among other acts in parallel to the coronation, Westminster Abbey is scheduled to open to the public, as long as you go barefoot, the luxurious mosaic floor on which the ceremony will be held on May 6th.


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