Raúl Araiza: his daughter Camila dedicates a message to him after a drastic decision

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Camila Arizathe eldest daughter of Raúl The black Araiza, who identifies as pansexual, has become one of the standard bearers of the LGBTQ+ community. Now, the influencer has decided break with the canons of beauty adopting a new style.

Through her TikTok account, the young woman published a video in which she talked about his decision to shavea change she really wanted to explore, but didn’t dare for fear of what others might think.

Camila Ariza shared the process step by step, in which he received the help of his girlfriend the model Camila Solórzano, who also took advantage of the video to open up about his fight against alopecia.

“I want to document it because I think something super important to me. I’m shaking dude. It is something that I have wanted to do for a long time and I did not dare to do it because of what others think, beliefs that I have about looking bad“said the daughter of the host of the program Today.

Camila Araiza shaves her head
Camila Araiza shaves her head

Very nervous, the young woman indicated that she had already had to face the criticism for having short hair and regretted that the prejudice that women should have long hair is still latent.

My femininity is me. My femininity is within me. I am literally beautiful for the simple fact of existing and for what is inside of me (…) I want to abandon vanity. See me complete somehowthat is, to see me without disguising myself a little”.

He mentioned that the action of shaving goes hand in hand with his desire to show that he is more than his body and “have a more direct contact with your soul and essence”.

He added that throughout his life he has always given too much importance to his hair, even in the emotional processes he has gone through.

“I want to start clean and break social canons for my own evolution”she said while her hands trembled because of how significant it has been for her to get rid of her hair.

Camila Araiza speaks truthfully to her father

Aware of the reaction that her father could have, Camila Araiza dedicated a message to him in which she stated that shaving was not out of rebellion but a process to find herself, she also thanked him for his unconditional love.

My dad is going to shit on me, I mean, daddy I love you with all my heart (…) I want you to know that this is not rebellion (…) It’s because of me. You have a daughter egg * d *, brave“.

Camila Araiza’s girlfriend talks about her alopecia problem

His girlfriend entered the conversation giving him encouragement: “Remember that your hair is not that important, let’s see it is a difficult process. My case was different because I have alopecia, I believe that all women should live to realize that femininity It’s inside of you and it’s not in your haircut.”

Seeing that Camila Araiza began to cry, the model comforted her and gave her a few words of encouragement: “It’s hard, but you’re going to learn to love from places you wouldn’t have thought you loved.” He also warned her that surely many people would turn to see her.

While removing the last strands, the influencer uttered a kind of mantra or reflection: “For my limiting beliefs, for my self-love. I love you, I love myself.”


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