Problems between Kate and William, the focus of British media; we tell you everything you need to know


In recent days, English media have speculated about the relationship of the prince william with his wife Kate Middletonwhich have involved the former in rumors of infidelity and a possible divorce from the couple heir to the throne, this just a month and a half after the Coronation of King Carlos III.

Among what was reported by tabloids, it has been said that the couple would only be waiting for this great event to pass next May 6th to make the announcement, however, on the other hand, there are other means that affirm that Kate would make it public before to embitter the coronation of the new king.

Some have even claimed that the Wale’s princess He has left Buckingham Palace with his three children. Charlotte, George and louis to make the divorce process less painful for them, while he moved to his country house in Norfolk, and they only meet to make appearances together at formal events.

What is known about the alleged infidelity?

The third in contention in this story would be an English noblewoman named Rose Hanbury, what is the Marchioness of CholmondeleyHowever, this situation must be carefully analyzed, since it is not the first chapter of this saga brought to the public by the British tabloids.

Four years ago, in 2019, those media had already linked William with Rose in an alleged romantic relationship, however, there is no real public evidence that William cheated on Kateso these reports were merely unsubstantiated speculation.

The only thing with certainty in this case is what was said by Richard Kayreporter in charge of covering the royal family in the Daily Mail who wrote:

“Both parties have considered taking legal action, but because neither report has been able to offer any evidence as to what the so-called dispute is about, they have chosen to ignore it… These hurtful rumors of a fall are simply false. .”

Who is Rose Hanbury?

She is a former model and current marquise who lives with her husband, the film director David Rocksavagein Norfolk, England, quite close to Kate and William’s country home at Anmer Hall, and they run in the same social circles. Since Rose lives in the country, that’s probably why the British tabloid the sun he began referring to her as Kate’s “rural rival” once things turned sour.

In March 2019, the sun reported that Kate was upset by a story claiming that she told William to “cut” Rose out of his circle because she and Rose allegedly had a fight.



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