Prince Harry confesses that he always felt different in the British royal family: “My mother felt the same”

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He prince harry revealed on Saturday that always felt “different” of the rest of the British royal family during a long conversation with a trauma specialist.

Enrique, 38, explained to Dr. Gabor Maté that having grown up in a “broken family”, he now tries to raise their children Archie and Lilibet so that he does not transmit his “traumatisms” to them.

The conversation came after the publication in January of his controversial memoir Spare (In the shadowin Spanish) in which he narrates an adolescence marked by drugs and alcohol and details the deterioration of his relations with his father, King Carlos III, and his brother William.

“Throughout my life, my youth, I felt slightly different from the rest of my family“, Enrique told Mate, according to numerous media outlets that reported this live broadcast interview.

“I felt strange” in this environment “and I know my mother felt the same“He said, referring to Princess Diana.According to him, his wife Meghan Markle, “an exceptional being” that he came from “a different world”, “saved” him and “helped him get ahead.”

Throughout the interview, Dr. Mate, author of several books on trauma and dependency, He claimed that Harry suffers from attention deficit disorder.

Studying the life of the prince, who lost his mother at the age of 12 and later served with the British army in Afghanistan, the doctor said he suffered “a lot of trauma”.

Harry, installed in California after leaving the United Kingdom and the royal family at the beginning of 2020, explains in his memoirs that he used cannabis and cocaine in his adolescence.

Together with doctor Mate, he explained that cocaine “did not do anything good” for him, but that marijuana was “different”. “That really helped me,” she said.

The controversy sparked by the publication of Prince Harry’s memoirs has further alienated him from the royal family to the point that he It is unknown if he and Meghan will attend Carlos’s coronation scheduled for May.


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