Pink Moon 2023: when is it and how will it influence the zodiac signs?

The Pink Moon is one of the most important astronomical events in April which has several ancestral meanings. It will be the fourth full moon of the year and it will be visible for several days if the sky is clear.

April’s full moon is called the Pink Moon by native North American tribes, a reference to the bloom of the pink moss, a native North American plant that heralds the end of winter.

According to astronomy experts, The Pink Moon will take place on April 6 in Mexico, being a visual spectacle that will have an impact on the signs of the zodiac. For this reason, some astrologers recommend doing rituals to attract new energy.

This is how the pink moon in April will affect the signs of the zodiac

Unlike other lunations, this Full Moon will have a special effect on the zodiac signs and will play an important role in compatibility. According to astrology, this Full Moon or Pink Moon will be in the constellation of Libra.

This means that It will be a time to close cycles regarding close relationships as a couple and friends, helping people to free themselves from toxic romances and people who do not steal positive energy.

On the other hand, this astronomical event also will be influenced by the spring equinoxTherefore, various signs of the zodiac such as Taurus and Gemini will have a time of reflection that will lead to emotional well-being.

Super flower moon (Pixabay).
April full moon (Pixabay).

The Pink Moon will make your hidden emotions come to light and you can clear your mind to spend more time on the things you are passionate about. In the case of Virgos, this event will force them to leave their comfort zone to adapt to new routines and grow in the professional field.

While the Scorpios abandon negative feelings, the Sagittarius will have emotional fulfillment and the Capricorns will promote new projects that will fill them with illusion. Finally, the Aquarians will free themselves from external opinions and the Pisces will be able to move forward after a stage of changes.


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