Not just in Yucatan! Tamaulipas also has a pink lagoon


Little is known about a lagoon in Tamaulipas whose water is pink, here we present some information about this beautiful place that is ideal to enjoy the landscape and take beautiful photos without having to travel to Yucatan.

It’s about the Vista Hermosa Lagoonis located in the municipality of Soto la Marina, Tamaulipas.

And as can be seen in the images, this lagoon is very peculiar since it has a pink coloration in its water

Why is the water pink?

He Pink water in Vista Hermosa Lagoon It is due to the great proliferation of halobacteria that reproduce in environments with high concentrations of salt and that when the sun’s rays penetrate them activate them, generating this characteristic color.

This type of pink lagoons are very rare in the world, in fact in Mexico there are very few cases and one of them is Las Coloradas in Yucatan, but this shows that in Tamaulipas you can also enjoy this type of natural beauties.

Where is it located and how to get to the pink lagoon?

If you want to enjoy this beautiful place, the Vista Hermosa lagoon is located just 5 minutes from the town of La Pesca, in Soto la Marina.



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