Natural. Beauty and well-being, the trend that came with spring


With the arrival of spring also come changes in habits; and trends in relation to personal care and beauty are changing. Rosa Maria Sanchez Maldonado, general director of the National Chamber of the Cosmetic Products Industry (CANIPEC) stressed that since the arrival of the pandemic, the uses and customs on this issue have varied greatly; highlighting that now “beyond worrying only about the physical or apparent aspects; people are more dedicated to having comprehensive health.”

So now “hydration and a balanced diet go hand in hand with the products we use to show off healthy skin or a healthy face.”

In interview with MILLENNIUM He added that, in addition, “there are things that the pandemic left us, such as the pleasure of applying skin care treatments at home, so there is a trend in the search for products that can offer us a professional result.”

When talking about the trends around makeup, he commented: “The idea of ​​naturalness, that is, that the skin looks as natural and not because of makeup, but because it is healthy, luminous, and that is where the issue of hydration comes in.” and healthy eating, which can be completed with the application of products with vitamin C or hyaluronic acid”.

However, he stressed that there are details that are setting trends to show off a pleasant, fresh and healthy face in the spring season.


We maintain volume and a well-defined contour, and there is a tendency to apply the blending to make it more natural”.

on lips

The trend is the gloss because it makes them look more voluminous and moisturized; Regarding the colors, although the taste is that they look natural, it is also true that they are all being adopted as fiuxa, brown and orange.


To complete the natural look there is a taste for using mascara that gives you multiple benefits; like the effect of looking thicker, longer and very firm.


The shadows do not have much presence and those that are handled are in subdued colors, such as orange to continue aligning with a more unicolor makeup. In such a way that nude or neutral tones are indicated for this season. Now that if the idea is to go out to an event at night, the ones that are setting the trend are black, which you can even combine with highlighters; And of course, that’s where magenta comes in, which is the color of the year.


Although in this season fresh, floral, citrus and even seawater aromas emerge; The truth is that the aroma to choose depends a lot on the taste and personality of each person, so the variety is very large.

care for men

It is an important market that had great growth before the pandemic, but with it it dropped; However, it has been recovering and we believe that it will continue to rise in levels because it is a reality that the desire to show off healthy skin, a well-shaven or well-groomed beard is the concern of men today.


Assuming that the use of detox products not only for the skin, but also for the hair and in general for the whole body, will make us feel better and look amazing, hence the recommendation to resort to antioxidants.

And the advice that we should not forget is always to read the recommendations for use, check if the ingredients can work for us and the validity of the products.


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  • Visit the CANIPEC Beauty & Wellness program, where information on the products of the more than 46 brands that make up the chamber is constantly provided.


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