Mhoni Vidente’s WEEKEND horoscope: PREDICTIONS from March 17 to 19, 2023

This weekend the Sun meets Mercurythis means that they will be days of reflection that will keep our minds occupied, while we prepare for the arrival of the New Moon with an impact on the sign of Aries.

Next, Mhoni Vidente presents the horoscope from March 17 to 19, 2023 with predictions for each zodiac sign:


A great weekend for the Aries, who will be able to enjoy some good plans with whoever they want. If there is something that will go especially well for them this weekend, it will be love and the economy, and it is that they had to have some money with which to go out and do something different.


The life of the Taurus has become very complicated this week in the vast majority of cases, but those who have not seen these complications can be sure that they will not see them on the weekend either. It can be said that this will be a calm and pleasant weekend for them.


The Geminis They are going to plan a very special weekend with a loved one. In fact, if your partner is a Virgo or a Cancer they can project quite a bit of positive energy, so plan an original, creative and unforgettable weekend.


The truth is that the natives of this sign are not going to feel good about themselves and, therefore, they are not going to do it when it comes to making decisions and going out with friends. That is why this weekend, Cancerians should avoid making all kinds of decisions.


Leos will have some difficult days because they will have mixed feelings and may even discover a betrayal by a person very close to them who has failed them in some way, so it is recommended to take these days off to reflect and take things easy.


Virgos are going to feel that they have a lot to do at home and this will make them not plan anything for the weekend, other than doing their homework. However, some will have the opportunity to plan a meeting with the closest people.


Libras are people with whom it is usually very easy to get along and that is They have a character that makes them open-minded and very tolerant.

However, there are also times when Libras can lose patience with someone and, although it does not happen often, when this happens, relationships usually come to an end.


Scorpios will be in quite a good mood over the weekend and may make contact with someone they’ve had an argument with a long time ago.


The Sagittarius will be able to enjoy a most pleasant weekend and it is that they will see that things will go much better for them than they had thought. In fact, we can say that Sagittarius who are willing to break with this single situation in which they find themselves will be able to do so this weekend.

To keep in mind is that they should not trust their friends and, whatever they do, they should be the ones who make the decisions.


The weekend for Capricorns will continue with a good run and it is that they will see that there is nothing that they cannot get done this week. If there is something that they must take into account, it is that, despite the fact that the weekend is one of the best in terms of fun, they must also be aware of the obligations they have.


The natives of Aquarius are not going to be as lucky as the Aries this weekend and they will see how things get very complicated for them. Some will have to attend to some work-related obligations, so they will not be able to enjoy the days off as they would like.


The natives of Pisces are going to feel like new this week and that is because they have not only seen improvements at work, but they have been able to enjoy a little free time with their partner or friends. The weekend will be no different in this respect and the Pisces will see that they have nothing else to do except be with friends.

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