Mexican pride! Haatepah Clearbear, the indigenous model who ‘broke it’ with ‘Vogue’ | PHOTOS

Haatepah Clearbear is also known as Raphael and he became known in the fashion world thanks to the appearance he made for Voguewhich caused his career to be catapulted to the ‘horns of the moon’ in said industry.

The model has a twin brother and they both grew up in the United States under adoption, but their roots are indigenous Mexican, which they have proudly displayed already. Haatepah opened the doors in the industry for all this issue of inclusion of other ethnic groups.

He spent most of his life in Los Angeles and has a heritage from tribes such as the Kumeyaay and Chichimeca-Guamare.; The young model revealed to Fashionista magazine that it was one of his caregivers who asked him to get closer to his origins. Unfortunately, some time later said family member died and they were left in charge of the other tutor, with whom there was no good relationship.

He was saying racist things at the table, like ‘don’t turn into a drunken Indian’. My brother and I didn’t fight back until we reached a boiling point. And then we told him: ‘We are not going to put up with this type of verbal abuse anymore’, and we went to Los Angeles. We were homeless for a long time.”

The model commented to the portal that he met his biological family when he was 18 years old and later this was one more reason to stand out in what he undertook and thus demonstrate that the indigenous people are not ‘extinct’ as people rumor it.

When I was 18 years old, I met my birth family.. Then I was able to identify the tribal background that I have. It was a lot to handle. It’s a really sad story, but that story is also part of our resilience., because we are still here. A lot of people say: ‘All the natives have gone. They’re all extinct’, but no, we’re here to stay”.

Ralph was discovered after a casting director named Daniel Peddle found his Instagram account. and that was how, in a short time, the signing of contracts began. The Mexican has already dated Ralph Lauren, Nike and LuLuLemon.

I have Chichimec blood. I feel it is very important to represent him. Since the Spanish conquistadores, there have been many people telling Mexican indigenous people that it is bad to be indigenous.”

Haatepah rose to stardom when he dated Karen Vega -also a model- in Vogue Mexico in 2021which helped him give a message about indigenous representation worldwide, since it is a forgotten and vulnerable sector.

It’s great to finally have a representation of our indigenous peoples. We do not look in one direction; we are diverse Having that representation is going to echo our voices so that they are heard in spaces where they are not normally heard. I hope that inspires creativity within our community, and also confidence, a sense of confidence to be strong and hold our heads up.”.

Networks support it

Internet users have shown their support for the famous model and have made it clear that he is an example of improvement, especially when it comes to a space as competitive as the modeling industry. This was what they told him:

  • “How can you be so handsome, please.”
  • “Bello. I wish you good luck in the world of fashion.”
  • “Beautiful photography I wish you reach very high in the world of modeling cordial greetings from Chile here the news is already talking about you !!!!! That’s why I found your Instagram!!”.
  • “Spectacular”.


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