Mexa, the essence of Mexican gastronomy with touches of international cuisine


Upon entering mexa at number 180 on Álvaro Obregón street, in the Roma neighborhood; begins the friendly experience that becomes a delight to the palate, sight and hearing.

Marco Almanza and chef Astrid Descuriex they welcome and their kindness is the entrance to the atmosphere that they have created in their restaurant, since last June; when they opened the doors to a gastronomic proposal “in which the essence of Mexican food has touches of international cuisine to offer her proposal, called Cuisine of the Soul”, explains the expert cook of Belgian and French descent.

The music and the decoration of Mexa combine with the treatment of the hosts, who, in the voice of Marco, explain that the idea “is that diners feel like they are in their living room, comfortable, free”; Well, his restaurant has its origin “in the lunches or dinners that we organized with our friends, who told us why they didn’t open a restaurant.”

The idea came to fruition and now it is a proposal in which “there are no prejudices, no rules, because the idea is that you have to feel free and comfortable so that you leave restored, because that’s where the word restaurant comes from,” says the host, who proudly explains that the gastronomic proposal is curated by Astrid.

“The menu is a gastronomic proposal, which, although it has the depth of Mexican food, is reinterpreted by Astrid with techniques from other parts of the world, which make you eat what we told you it was, but in the end they have a countercurrent that makes it different and extraordinary”, he says as Astrid prepares to start with the menu that she has prepared for the tasting.

“A salad of roasted hearts of palm and lettuce with two very refreshing dressings that come with avocado and toasts”, is the entrance to the banquet that he has arranged and that pairs perfectly with the cocktails, which the expert Memo Domínguez (whose experience projects in each of his proposals) has created from the mezcal of the house; like Mezcal Tuna, a cocktail that is garnished with a skewer of grasshoppers, which balances the sweetness and the color of the chosen fruit.

The intense heat that has been felt in the City has motivated Astrid to create her fresh proposal that continues with a “Golden Ceviche, A slice of scallops seasoned with Vietnamese inspiration and a sea bass toast cured with mezcal and Jamaican flower” .

While the chef pleases the palate with her flavors; the mixologist continues to surprise with his drinks. By then he has used the huitlacoche to please, but above all to surprise diners with the combination that he achieves with the mezcal that he brings to the table, in a presentation that delights the eye by accompanying it with the corn husk.

And when it seems that the taste has taken flight with the proposals of mexatwo classics arrive at the table, the birria taco with everything and its consommé, and the pressed chicharrón taco, to which the chef, in addition to her seasoning, has given “international touches”, which distinguish her proposal.

“The pressed pork rind taco was the taco we bet the least on and suddenly we saw that invariably ‘El Taco Santo’, as we called it, continues to be one of the bestseller. For me it’s like dessert, that’s why we invariably either open with it or close with it,” says Marco, who, in addition to the enthusiasm he brings when talking about his restaurant, also takes care of choosing the music that enlivens, inspired by the passion that has for that art.

And as a ending and to sweeten the palate, Memo proposes a carajillo that he commands from his bar and whose presentation maintains the singular level that distinguishes his creations and that flatters the eye.


other delicacies

  • Marrow bone that is inspired by the bond that unites Astrid’s family for as long as she can remember.
  • Duck confit tamale with a touch of orange is dedicated to his parents. It comes with a creamy base.
  • Alejandra, “a chocolate cake with mezcal truffle, which is a tribute to a friend who never stopped fighting despite facing a terrible disease,” explains the chef, who reiterates that her proposal is simply a “cuisine of the soul.”


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